Years after distracted driver crash, brain injury lingers

Anthony is in his mid-50’s. He is an entrepreneur with an MBA, and a city council member with a long history of political campaign work. He and his husband, a local surgeon, were well-known for their civic engagement— and their big annual holiday party.

Everything changed in an instant.

Distracted driver crash in Washington  

It was late morning on a warm August day in northern Washington State. There was stop-and-go traffic on S. Burlington Boulevard, as construction reduced two lanes down to one.

A heavy diesel truck in front of Anthony’s car slowed and stopped. Anthony did the same. Then, he looked into the rearview mirror, and in a split-second, realized the car behind his was not going to stop.

Anthony’s Toyota was rear-ended with such force that it was pushed into the truck ahead.

The distracted driver had been delivering a car for work. He was looking down at his phone for directions. The Washington State Police cited him for following too closely.

Learning to live with disabilities

Anthony went to the doctor for back pain and headaches after the crash. It turned out that his head ached because of a traumatic brain injury. His back injury didn’t initially seem serious, but it was persistent and increasingly painful.

brain injuries

It’s been four years since the distracted driver crash.

The “mild traumatic brain injury” left Anthony with some cognitive issues that affect him daily. And he has had three back surgeries and will need at least one more in the future.

Anthony is a positive individual who has continued to work hard in rehabilitation. But eventually, he had to come to the realization that some of his limitations are permanent.

Anthony used to be a very active person, and now he can’t even walk his dog around the block. He can’t stand, or sit, for long periods of time. His back injuries prevent him from working in his garden or doing basic chores at home.

No one thinks that the distracted driver meant to hurt Anthony.

Nevertheless, the distracted driver crash was not an “accident”: it was entirely preventable.

The actions of one distracted driver can have enormous repercussions. Yet, looking down at a phone while driving is something that many people still do on a regular basis.

My firm was able to help secure a $2,000,000.00 result for Anthony. It will help him pay the medical bills he has already incurred, and get the care he will need in the future. While I am pleased that we were able to help Anthony in this situation, there are many others like him … and some will not get the help they need and deserve.

– Attorney Kevin Coluccio

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