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Most bike crashes are not “accidents.”

They are predictable, preventable collisions caused by car drivers who: ignore bike lanes; don’t maintain proper distance; don’t share the road with bicyclists; disobey road signs; turn in front of bicycles; or are distracted or impaired.

Other crashes are the result of poor street design. Many bicycle lanes—and pedestrian routes—are afterthoughts. Confusing intersections tangle up shared bike lanes, or lanes narrow or stop abruptly. That’s why we say “crash”—not “accident”.

That’s why we use crash, not accident.

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Your Legal Rights

You have the right to talk to a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company.

You may be contacted by the driver’s insurance company shortly after the collision. Sometimes, an insurance adjuster makes a quick offer of settlement. They may want you to sign a release saying that you won’t file a personal injury claim against the driver.

You have the right to have any offers of settlement reviewed by a bike crash lawyer.

You should not consider an offer of settlement until you have fully recovered from your injuries. If your injuries are permanent, then talk with your doctors about long term care needs.

Contact Coluccio Law to discuss your bicycle crash injuries. If we are not able to assist you, we will do our best to connect you to another lawyer.

Common Types of Bike Crashes

Bike crashes happen every day and vehicles can collide with them in many ways. Oftentimes these different types of bike crashes result in serious injury and can even be fatal.

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What to do After a Bike Crash

Get Medical Care

Physical: Even minor collisions can cause serious injury to a person on a bicycle. Besides broken bones and head trauma, a cyclist may have a less immediately obvious brain injury or internal injuries.

Mental: One driver’s bad choice can change your life in a second. A violent, traumatic crash and difficult recovery are challenging for mental health.

Emotional: We understand: it can be emotionally exhausting to experience a life-changing crash, and then have to deal with the aftermath.

The most important thing you can do after a collision is to take care of yourself, and get the recommended medical treatment.

Kevin represented me after I was in an accident while riding my bicycle.

He was super communicative, thorough, and proactive. Well worth having on my side. Thanks Kevin!

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Document Everything

The police get the driver’s version; and the person on a bike is blamed for the collision—no matter what really happened.

Collision facts, evidence and witnesses should be documented as soon as possible.

We recommend that you start a file of documents and information that includes:

  • Your medical bills and expenses;
  • Police or incident reports;
  • Photographs of the scene, damage to your bike, and physical injuries;
  • Any time lost from work, and
  • All the documents from insurance companies or law firms.

If you own a motor vehicle, you may be able to access some of your car insurance benefits—see how to read your car insurance policy.

Talk to a Bike Crash Lawyer

Attorney Kevin Coluccio has been helping bike accident crash victims get justice since 1985. He has helped hundreds of injured people get through a difficult process – find out if Coluccio Law can help you.

Featured Bike Crash Lawsuit: a UW Student-Athlete

Case: John Doe v. University of Washington.
Result: $115,000.00 settlement.

A student athlete was riding his bike to practice. A University of Washington van driver failed to see him, and turned left in front of him. The athlete suffered soft tissue injuries and a concussion.

This is a common cause of bicycle accidents collisions. Drivers focus on looking for cars, and fail to see cyclists who are right in front of them.

In this case, the young athlete successfully recovered. He returned to playing his sport in college and rose to become the top performer on his team.