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Committed to Our Profession

Attorney Kevin Coluccio is active in the trial lawyer community, and committed to helping advance the trial bar.


For more than 25 years, Kevin Coluccio has dedicated time to speak at Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events in Washington, Oregon and beyond, helping to educate other attorneys.

Recent presentations include:

Presentation Name Conference
Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Handling the Traumatic Brain Injury Case
Washington and Oregon Law Rules for the Unwary
Everyone Matters or Nobody Matters – Damages for the elderly Profit Before Patient$: Corporate Neglect of Vulnerable Adults
How to Manage a Large Value Case from Start to Finish High Value Personal Injury
Mastering the Art of Pleading Your Case and Propounding Discovery All the Right Moves in Tort Litigation: Learn from the Masters of the Game
Hammer or Be Hammered Trying UIM and PIP Cases
Co-Chair Traumatic Brain Injuries
Trucking Law TransportationTorts
Corporation structure Nursing Home Litigation
Nursing Home Litigation Betrayers of Trust

He is also the author of numerous articles and editorials, appearing in American Association for Justice’s Trial magazine and Washington’s Trial News, among others.

The Washington State Association for Justice has some of Coluccio’s educational material available for download at the WSAJ website.