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Personal Injury Case Results

Attorney Kevin Coluccio has earned personal injury case results in excess of $450 million. Coluccio Law is dedicated to creating real and positive change in people’s lives. We take on a limited number of cases so that we can offer high-quality, personalized legal service — and get the best possible result for each client.

2023 Cases

Coluccio obtained a policy limits settlement of $2,000,000 for a building inspector who fell several stories off of a building during an inspection because of a defective railing.

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a confidential settlement for a woman who suffered serious injuries when a logging truck collided with her vehicle.

Coluccio obtained a settlement for a bicycle rider injured when a driver failed to see him and made a U-turn in front of him causing him to collided with the side of the vehicle.

Coluccio obtained a policy limits settlement for a young woman who was injured when a driver failed to stop at an intersection and collided with her vehicle.  Coluccio also obtained payment of additional policy limits to the parents of the young woman and came to the scene where their daughter was being pulled from her vehicle and treated by EMTs.

One of the most significant settlements in eastern Oregon for an elderly woman hit in a parking lot by a non-profit volunteer who was allowed to drive for the non-profit with a suspended driver’s license.

Coluccio obtained a settlement for a construction worker who suffered a leg injury when a piece of equipment fell on him because of the failure of another company’s worker to properly latch the equipment during a lift.

2022 Cases

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a settlement for a woman and her son who were rear-ended by a City worker in eastern Washington. Reported as the highest settlement for the type of injuries suffered in eastern Washington.

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a confidential settlement for an elderly couple rear-ended by a box truck. The claim was disputed, as the worker’s company asserted the collision was caused by a sudden medical condition, but, a successful settlement was ultimately obtained.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio obtained a settlement for a woman hit in a parking lot and suffering a shoulder injury.

Coluccio and co-counsel, along with other attorneys, obtained a wrongful claim settlement for policy limits involving the sinking of a crab fishing vessel (total settlement for 4 families and 2 surviving crewmembers).

Coluccio obtained settlement for policy limits for the family of a minister killed when a semi-truck trailer cut into his lane of travel and forced his vehicle off the roadway resulting in fatal injuries.

Coluccio obtained a settlement of a claim involving a semi-truck driver who failed to yield the right of way and crashed into a vehicle driven by a young woman.

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a judgment for $770,108.25 for a bicycle rider who was hit during a dealership test drive.  The dealership disputed the claim, but, the jury found completely in favor of the bicycle rider.

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained for the family of a man who fell and suffered fatal injuries while inpatient at a local hospital.

2021 Cases

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a wrongful death settlement for the family of a minister killed in a semi-truck crash at Snoqualmie Pass.

Investigating a fatal truck crash at Snoqualmie Pass

Attorney Kevin Coluccio negotiated a confidential settlement for a man who sustained neck fractures, a broken jaw and broken teeth after a log truck collision on State Route 4 near Longview, Washington.

Chef survives incredible log truck collision

Coluccio Law and co-counsel obtained a policy limits settlement for a pastor killed in a semi-truck and trailer collision in Oregon. Attorney Coluccio was also able to pursue an errors and omissions claim against the trucking company’s insurance broker allowing for an additional confidential settlement.

After his client was involved in a head-on collision, attorney Kevin Coluccio was able to establish that a second rear-end collision had occurred and obtained additional policy coverage providing the client with payment of 2 policy limits under the client’s insurance coverage

After obtaining full policy limits from the at-fault party, Coluccio Law obtained payment of Underinsured policy coverage for a young woman who suffered a wrist fracture in an automobile collision

While operating a sand truck a Oregon Department of Transportation worker was rear-ended by a semi-truck. The injuries claimed were disputed, but, Coluccio Law, along with co-counsel were able to obtain a successful settlement for the worker

Coluccio Law along with co-counsel obtained settlements for two clients who suffered abuse by Catholic Priests.

Coluccio Law obtained a confidential settlement for an elderly woman who fell at an assisted living facility because she was not properly assisted as required by the care plan

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled in favor of our client who was injured when hit in a crosswalk by an underinsured driver. The court ruled that our client was entitled to “stack” each of her insurance policy thereby providing 3 policy coverages.

Coluccio Law obtained full policy limits from both a drunk driver’s insurance policy and a bar that overserved the driver. The policy limits were paid to our client, along with several other injured parties.

2020 Cases

AlexCulaiWrongfulDeathLawsuitAttorney Kevin Coluccio, with co-counsel, represented the family of a man killed in a collision with a street sweeper.

Family settles street sweeper wrongful death lawsuit.

An elderly couple was seriously injured when a semi-truck driver ran a red light on US 101.

Coluccio Law negotiated a 3.2 million-dollar settlement for the family.

Coluccio Law represented an elderly pedestrian who was struck in a parking lot, suffering multiple broken bones and a head injury.

The case settled out of court, for the full insurance policy limit.

On a rainy afternoon in Shoreline, our client put her umbrella up and headed to the grocery store. She was cautious of traffic and stayed in the crosswalk, where she was struck by a truck.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio obtained a full insurance policy limits settlement for her within months.

Coluccio and co-counsel obtained a judgment on behalf of a bicycle rider who was injured when a vehicle driver turned in front of him without any warning.  The trial was the first ZOOM trial in King County, Washington.

2019 Cases

An elderly man was struck by a falling barricade wall, causing him debilitating injuries.

Coluccio Law proved the cause was defective construction, and negotiated an out-of-court settlement on his behalf.

A young man died because of a surgical error during routine back surgery.

The wrongful death case filed by his spouse and surviving family members was settled out of court in 2019, for $1,000,000.

Personal-Injury-lawyer-Coluccio_Young CaseColuccio Law earned a 2 million dollar personal injury case result for a man who suffered back injuries and a TBI, in a rear-end crash caused by a distracted driver.

Brain injury lingers after distracted driving crash

A mother was killed, and 2 young children injured, when a driver failed to yield at a stop sign at an intersection on a country road. Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented the surviving family members in a car crash lawsuit.

2018 Cases

A young woman suffered a skull fracture and spinal cord injury when a semi-truck driver caused a five-vehicle crash on an Oregon highway.

Coluccio Law negotiated a $1,012,500.00 total result for her medical expenses and damages.

Personal-injury-lawyer-Coluccio_Underland CaseA distracted semi-truck driver slammed into a car at full highway speed. Kevin Coluccio and co-counsel got a $34,250,000 result for two wrongful death claims and a survivor with a traumatic brain injury, including $11,250,000 for the parents of the deceased 15-year-old passenger.

In honor of Garrett, #77 … 

A child was permanently injured when they were improperly secured on a dangerous amateur zip line at a summer camp.

Coluccio Law represented the child and their family, securing a personal injury case result that included past and future medical care.

Confidential settlement for the children of a truck driver who died when he was run over by a semi-truck and trailer in Washington, while assisting another driver with a disabled vehicle.

Coluccio procured a full policy limits settlement for the truck driver’s children and family members.

More Wrongful Death Case Results

Coluccio Law negotiated a confidential wrongful death settlement on behalf of a young woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a house where the furnace pipes were incorrectly installed.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented the estates of two children who were passengers in a vehicle that rear-ended a commercial truck that had stopped in the road.

A 46-year-old airline pilot was killed after a truck turned left in front of his motorcycle, resulting in fatal injuries.

Kevin Coluccio represented his family in the wrongful death lawsuit, securing a $3,700,000.00 result.

Kevin Coluccio secured a settlement for the wrongful death of an eleven-month-old baby, after medical personnel failed to follow up on a radiology report recommending further studies would have shown a cyst in the small bowel; the perforation at the site of the cyst resulted in death.

A man on the sidewalk was struck and killed by a drunk driver who had been over-served at a tavern in Bellingham, Washington.

Coluccio Law represented the man’s family in a successful wrongful death lawsuit.

A child on a bicycle was struck by a police vehicle, resulting in the child’s tragic death.

Kevin Coluccio represented the child’s family, securing an out-of-court settlement on their behalf.

Personal-Injury-Lawyer-Coluccio_Adriana Brown CaseA young woman who was hit and killed in a downtown Seattle crosswalk in 2018. Coluccio Law obtained the full insurance policy limits available for her surviving spouse and two young children.

Remembering Adriana Brown

More Truck Crash Case Results

Coluccio Law obtained a payment of $4,250,000 for a man suffering the loss of his lower leg when he was hit by a van that failed to yield the right of way at an intersection.

A woman was hit and killed by a runaway dump truck trailer.

Kevin Coluccio represented her surviving spouse in the fatal truck crash case, securing a trial verdict that included interest, attorney fees and bad faith damages.

A recycling truck driver crashed the vehicle due to a defective retread tire.

Kevin Coluccio represented the truck driver’s family, securing a fatal personal injury case result of two and a half million.

A University of Washington professor was killed after his vehicle was struck by a load of logs that fell off a commercial logging truck.

Attorney Coluccio, as the family’s truck crash lawyer, procured an insurance policy limits settlement of nearly two million.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented a young child with a closed head injury from a highway truck crash, ensuring any future medical needs would be met with the 1.5 million-dollar result.

Personal Injury Case Results- Car Rollover TruckColuccio Law represented a family after their car was struck by a semi-truck tire on the highway. The lawsuit showed how the tire had been incorrectly installed and improperly inspected; the parties settled out of court for two million.

Truck tire causes highway crash, brain injury …

A family vehicle was hit head-on by a semi-truck and double trailer crossing the center line.

After 5 days in trial, the legal team, including Kevin Coluccio, negotiated a settlement of more than three million dollars for the injured family.

Coluccio Law represented a cyclist who suffered serious internal injuries after she was struck by a freight truck.

The truck crash claim settled before trial, for nine hundred thousand dollars.

An Oregon man was killed in a highway crash caused by a speeding driver of a semi tractor-trailer truck. Coluccio Law represented the man’s estate in a confidential settlement agreement.

A high school student sustained serious burn injuries in a semi-truck crash caused by a distracted truck driver.

Coluccio Law negotiated a seven million dollar settlement, securing the young burn victim’s ongoing and future medical care.

The life of an Eastern Washington woman was changed forever after a semi-truck driver speeded into a highway brush fire and smashed into several vehicles. Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented her in the truck crash lawsuit, securing a settlement before trial.

Life after a huge tractor-trailer crash…

Attorney Kevin Coluccio obtained a settlement for an elderly client who was hit by a dump truck while at a gas station. The client suffered fractured ribs and a punctured lung, but, successfully recovered.

Coluccio Law and co-counsel obtained a successful settlement for the family of a truck driver suffering fatal injuries in a parking lot. The claim was strongly disputed and after extensive litigation, the claim was resolved.

Other Personal Injury Case Results

Policy limits insurance payment and a personal payment for a Coluccio Law client who suffered a  jaw fracture and serious face, head and eye injuries, in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.

Attorney Coluccio represented a man who sustained permanent injuries after a doctor-in-training botched a urologic stent procedure. The $8,500,000.00 trial verdict, with co-counsel, was appealed by the defendants; the appeal was settled.

A Seattle woman who was severely burned after property managers failed to insulate dangerously hot exposed water pipes.

Coluccio Law represented the burn victim, securing half a million for her medical care and damages.

Kevin Coluccio assisted in the $8,800,000.00 personal injury case result, after the negligent supervision of a parolee by the Department of Corrections resulted in the rape and murder of one victim, and the assault of another.

A young passenger had his hand amputated after his driver ran a red light and collided with a semi-truck.

Coluccio Law obtained the full insurance policy limits of one and a half million on his behalf.

A plumber suffered severe injuries to his feet and ankles after a 40-foot drop through damaged, rotting floorboards on a dangerous job site.

His nearly three million dollar personal injury case result was procured by Coluccio Law in 2016.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio worked on a full insurance policy limits settlement of seven million dollars, for the medical care and damages of a quadriplegic spinal cord injury of a worker paralyzed on a job site.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio represented the estate of woman whose delayed diagnosis of oral cancer resulted in her early death.

A child was severely burned by fireworks that were improperly stored near an ignition source.

Coluccio Law represented him in the burn injury lawsuit, obtaining a full policy limits result.

A 69-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured, after she was hit in a crosswalk where the warning lights were not working.

Kevin Coluccio negotiated a $2,160,000 settlement for her medical bills and future medical care.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio was a member for the legal term that earned an eight million-dollar trial verdict for a man left paralyzed by defects in the motor vehicle in which he was riding.

Coluccio Law represented a young man injured in the 2016 Skagit River Bridge collapse; the personal injury claim was resolved for a confidential amount.

How the Skagit River Bridge collapsed …

Settlement for a logging truck driver involved in a collision that caused non-surgical back injuries.

Settlement for a young man who suffered an eye-injury when hit in the eye when a bed frame board broke.

Coluccio Law obtained full policy limits payment for a man hit by a car as he was on his morning walk.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio obtained a settlement for a lumber yard worker who suffered a significant arm injury from an unguarded chain.

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