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Where do Broadside Collisions most Commonly Occur

Broadside Collisions are frequently caused by a failure to yield the right of way.  These types of collisions usually occur at an intersection and because a driver fails to obey traffic signals or traffic devices.  The most common examples are running a red light or a stop sign.  Another common cause of a broadside collision is a driver negligently making a left-hand turn in front of an approaching car.  Data shows that left-hand turns account for fifty-three (53) percent of all crossing path accidents, which are broadside collisions.  A broadside collision is where the side of one vehicle is impacted by the front of rear of another vehicle, forming a “T”.  This is why a broadside collision is also referred

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Negligence – What Elements need to be established

For over 37 years I have dedicated my legal career to representing the victims of wrongful acts and negligence.  I have pursued various claims of negligence, including automobile accidents, trucking accidents, construction site claims and a variety of actions involving negligence. From a basic standpoint, in order to establish a claim for negligence in Washington State, you must show that another party: 1. Owed you a legal duty of care;  2. That there was a breach or failure of the legal duty of care;  3. That injuries and damages occurred; and  4. That the injuries and damages were caused by the offending party. To expand on this concept of negligence, when there is a breach or failure of the legal

Claims for Construction Injury

How to File a Construction Injury Claim?

Our civilization cannot function without the construction industry since it helps build infrastructure and shapes our surroundings. Workers are often exposed to a variety of risks and perils, making it a job that is inherently dangerous. Worker injuries in the construction industry can vary from small mishaps to serious mishaps with potentially fatal results. In these situations, filing a construction injury claim is essential for obtaining justice, financial assistance, and other benefits for injured employees and their families. What is a Construction Injury Claim? A construction injury claim is the legal procedure used by an injured construction worker to pursue financial, emotional, and bodily damages because of an accident or injury sustained while working. It is a procedure that enables

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Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

The enormous size of commercial trucks is typically a significant contributing element in trucking accidents’ fatalities and injuries. It is simple to understand how truck crash victims frequently sustain fatal injuries or catastrophic injuries given the significant size differences across trucks. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other common truck accident injuries can render victims of truck accidents incapable of working or even caring for themselves. Common Causes of Truck Accidents  Accidents occur for a variety of reasons that are nearly too numerous to list. Nevertheless, descriptions of some of the most typical reasons for truck accidents are provided here.  Driver Fatigue Truck drivers usually work a lot of hours. Some motorists disregard the law’s mandate that truck drivers

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How Much is 18 Wheeler Insurance?

Finding the correct insurance for your 18-wheeler has never been more simple. Whether you own a fleet of trucks or only have one rig, we can ensure that you are legally covered, comprehensively. Why is 18 Wheeler Insurance important? Driving an 18-wheeler truck carries a lot of risks, so you must have the right coverage. If you drive across state lines you will be required to carry a commercial policy of at least $750,000 in auto liability insurance. Your business must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as an interstate cargo hauler.  The number one reason why you need semi-truck insurance is to protect your business financially. The insurance policy should cover your cargo, pickups, cargo

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How to Keep Workers Safe in Construction Sites

Those familiar with the construction industry will know that this work environment can present dangerous situations daily. By correctly implementing construction safety, workers can be kept safe and productivity can continue as normal.  What is Construction Safety? Construction safety involves the implementation of rules and regulations concerning construction sites in atop workers safe from accidents and injury. Failure to implement these safety measures can result in serious injury or death. Why is Safety Important for Construction Workers? Research shows that the majority of fatal and non-fatal injuries occurring in the workplace were related to: As the majority of these accidents are related to construction operations, the implementation of construction safety management and workplace safety training can significantly reduce these types


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