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Kevin Coluccio is a well-known, experienced and respected trial lawyer. He has worked with dozens of attorneys in Washington, Oregon and federal courts in
his 35 -plus year career.

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Seattle Injury Attorney Referral

Serious Injury Claims

Coluccio has worked with other attorneys to secure millions in verdicts and settlements for seriously injured people.

  • A $7,000,000 policy limits settlement against a construction company for a spinal cord injury victim, after it was proven that the defendant did not have a site-specific fall protection plan, and didn’t provide the required safety training for the job site.
  • A $1,033,000 trial verdict for a severe right foot fracture requiring fusion and fixation surgery, caused by a structure collapse.
  • A $2,940,000 judgment and settlement for a wrongful death after a 46-year-old woman was hit by run away dump truck trailer; included recovery of interest, attorney fees, and bad faith damages.
  • An $8,800,000 settlement from the State of Washington after negligent supervision of a parolee by the Department of Corrections resulted in the rape and murder of one victim, and the assault of another.
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Washington Truck Crash Cases

  • Coluccio has represented many clients who have been seriously injured or whose loved ones have been killed in commercial truck crashes.

    An experienced trucking attorney, he understands the governing federal and state laws, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), and what is necessary to take a truck crash case to trial.

“I set the goal of always knowing as much as possible about the law, the facts, the industry standards, the science and the background of the cases I handle.” – Kevin Coluccio

Coluccio Law also runs the Trucking Watchdog blog, following trucking cases and trucking law throughout Washington and across the U.S.

Maritime and Railroad Law Cases

Kevin Coluccio’s first work as a lawyer included handling maritime claims. He is well-versed in The Jones Act and General Maritime Law protecting seaman against negligence.

Putting together a solid case against the railroad industry requires knowledge of the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA), and experience representing railroad workers. Kevin Coluccio obtained the largest known in-service settlement for an injured worker from a railroad company at the time. (Hannula v. Railroad; Confidential settlement).

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Kevin Coluccio has worked with other attorneys to secure millions in verdicts and settlements for seriously injured people. Contact Coluccio Law about attorney referral and association. You can use the form below, email info@coluccio-law.com or call (206) 590-4325. Thank you.