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A car crash is not just an accident.

An accident just happens: it’s not predictable or preventable. Most car crashes are not accidents. They are the predictable result of poorly designed streets, unsafe vehicles—or drivers who are distracted, drive too fast, ignore traffic signals, or drive under the influence.

That’s why we use crash, not accident.

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Your Legal Rights

You have the right to talk to a car wreck lawyer before speaking with an insurance company. Often, the other driver admits fault at the scene of the crash. You reasonably believe that your bills and expenses will be covered by the other driver’s car insurance. But once insurance companies get involved, the at-fault driver may change their story or the insurance company may blame you. Many personal injury law firms, including Coluccio Law, offer a free consultation.

You have the right to choose where, and how, your vehicle is repaired. Your vehicle might be a total loss. But many people find that the insurance company recommends repair, and offers a “preferred” auto repair shop. These mechanics may have deals with the insurance company, but you are not obligated to have your car repaired there.

You have the right to have any offers of settlement reviewed by a car crash attorney. Sometimes, people sign away their right to fair compensation without realizing it. Call a car crash attorney, and make sure this settlement offer is the best option for you.

Common Types of Car Crashes

Car crashes happen every day and vehicles can collide with one another in many ways. Oftentimes these different types of car crashes result in serious injury and can even be fatal. Common types of car crashes include:

Common Types of Car Crashes

Rear-End Collisions

Head-End Collisions

T-Bone Accidents