Coluccio Law Car Crash Attorneys

A car wreck can happen when you least expect it, leaving you with expenses for injuries, damages and psychological suffering. There is a reason we don’t use the term ‘car accident’ at Coluccio Law, we instead use the term ‘car crash.’ We say crash because the word ‘accident’ implies that no one was at fault. We believe that the majority of car crashes are not accidents, but rather events that can be prevented. When involved in a major car crash, it’s important to know what steps to take to protect yourself and those around you. At Coluccio Law, our team of personal injury attorneys is here to help you. Check out our top 4 steps to take after being involved in a car crash below! 

  1. Safety First. You should stay in your car to check for any injuries that may have occurred to you or your passengers. Then immediately call the police to report that you were involved in a car wreck. 
  2. Gather Evidence and Exchange Information. If you are able to get out make sure to take pictures of the scene. Be sure to talk to any witnesses and get their side of the story, as well as writing down how the crash happened from your perspective. Additionally, make sure that you share contact and insurance information with other parties involved in the collision, including any passengers. 
  3. File a Report. Once the police come, you should tell them your side of the story, share the evidence collected,  and get a copy of the statement if applicable. 
  4. Contact Your Car Crash Attorney. After you’ve gathered the evidence and spoken with local authorities, you should contact our team of professional personal injury attorneys here at Coluccio Law. While you are at the scene of the car crash, do not speak to any insurance companies or share any extra details with those involved before speaking with an attorney. Reaching out to a car crash attorney immediately allows you to get ahead of your insurance company, not to mention the other parties insurance company and their lawyer. Waiting to speak to anyone will help to protect you and your rights. 

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