How Do Vehicles Roll Over

A car rollover accident occurs when a vehicle rolls over onto its side or roof. Sharp bends, high speeds, overloading, and vehicle design errors can all contribute to this. Rollovers are more likely with higher, narrower vehicles like SUVs and trucks, and they can cause serious injuries or even death. Driving at reasonable speeds, avoiding [...]

What Happens if Someone Hit my Parked Car?

One out of every five auto accidents takes place in a garage or parking lot. Parking lots are the scene of about 50,000 crashes annually, many of which result in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries. Pedestrians account for about 40% of the fatalities in parking lot collisions. The most vulnerable groups to death [...]

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How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident

Getting a police report following a car accident is a very important step, irrespective of if the incident is a slight fender bender or quite a major collision. Understanding what makes up car accident police reports, when and how to get one – as well as how a police report may be utilized during a [...]

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How to Prove You Are Not At Fault in a Car Accident

After a car accident, insurers try to figure out which driver was at fault. This may affect the amount of the insurance claim payout or denial of a claim. At times fault can be difficult to prove. Each state deems and attributes fault in a car crash differently, in particular when it comes to property [...]

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What Happens if you Crash a Leased Car

Leasing is the most cost-effective and hassle-free method to obtain a new vehicle and is a widely used service among consumers. Let’s look at what leasing a vehicle means and what should happen if you were to crash a leased car. What is a Leased Vehicle? Leasing a vehicle is a common form of vehicle [...]

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What to do if you Hit a Parked Car

Car accidents can happen anywhere, including within a parking lot or anywhere where a parked car may be present. Many hit-and-run car accidents involve a parked car. Even though this may have consisted of an individual reversing into a parked car, with no witnesses or evidence of damage, it is important to note that in [...]

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Seat Belt Laws and Enhanced Safety Enforcement

Seat belts are arguably the most protective safety measure a person can take to avoid serious injury or death when involved in a motor vehicle crash. The simple use of a safety restraint cuts the risk of death and significant injury for drivers and other front-seat passengers by nearly 50%, and rear-seat occupants by upwards [...]

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What To Do After a Car Accident Not Your Fault

Even small car accidents can be very traumatic and shatter your confidence as a driver.  If you were following the rules of the road and paying attention, the car crash likely was not your fault. Unfortunately, as you will understand if you are reading this, it is not always a cut-and-clear matter.  The at-fault driver [...]

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Do Men or Women get in more Car Accidents

Everyone's level of risk when driving is different. But several criteria, such as age, speed, and drunk driving, determine who gets in more car accidents, males or females. Even though men are more likely to be involved in accidents, women may be in greater danger of harm or death. The figures don't tell us the [...]

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Fatal Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Car accidents often result in major injuries. The impact of a crash and torque on the body can lead to long-term disability aside from the immediate bodily damage that you are faced with. It’s not a great fact, but it is one nonetheless - car accidents, quite often, can be fatal. Every year, hospitals are [...]

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