Will this be the new roadside test for marijuana impairment?

Whether you are for or against the legalization of marijuana—and I am not taking a position here— no one can dispute that driving a car after the use of marijuana is dangerous. According to a recent study, fatal car crashes involving marijuana impairment have tripled in the United States. All across the State of Washington [...]

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This is how much time you save by speeding

The average driver saves 26 seconds a day by speeding. People think it saves time. Maybe it does occasionally, if you run through a yellow light to avoid stopping for a minute. But, the time savings, on average, is about 2 minutes a week. Considering that: Speeding through an intersection drastically increases the risk of [...]

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No tolerance for short cuts in car repair

A jury recently awarded $42 million to a young couple who suffered major burns and crushing injuries after a Dallas body shop fixed their hail-damaged Honda using a cheaper, but untested, method of roof repair. Just before Christmas, the couple was headed for a family visit when a truck hydroplaned and hit the Honda head-on. [...]

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Washington among legal marijuana states with increase in car crash claims

Since Washington state approved recreational use of marijuana, we have watched to see how it would affect drivers and road safety.  A study completed by the Highway Loss Data Institute found an uptick in car collision claims in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Read the HLDI Study bulletin: Recreational marijuana and collision claim frequencies.  Increase in car crash claims from 2012-2016:  Colorado: 13.9% [...]

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Keeping them safe: a note on teenage drivers

As I watch my teenage son and his friends learn the skills of safe driving and the rules of the road, I embrace their growth into adulthood, but, I also experience fears and concerns for their safety. The number of teenagers involved in deadly car crashes in the United States is rising for the first [...]

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We say “crash” instead of “accident”

We have changed the language on Coluccio-Law.com, and TruckingWatchdog.com. Here's why we're using crash not accident.   There is a public health crisis on the roads. More than 35,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. last year. 35,000 is the entire population of Lynnwood, Washington. If everyone in Lynnwood—or in Bothell, or Walla Walla—died in one [...]

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When a lawsuit is a moral imperative

The family and the lawsuit behind General Motor's ignition switch recall Brooke Melton was killed when her 2005 Chevy Cobalt spun out of control, hit another vehicle, and flipped off the road. Her parents, Ken and Beth, knew Brooke to be a very safe driver. They felt sure that something had gone wrong with her [...]

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