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Car Crashes

10 Effects Of Road Accidents

As car accident attorneys, we know all too well that the effects of a car accident linger long after the accident has happened. It has a devastating effect on the victims, their lives, and their family members. Car Accident Related Statistics A study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals some shocking road accident statistics. In the U.S., a car accident occurs approximately every 13 minutes, equating to a whopping estimate of 6 million passenger car accidents; around 43,000 of these car crashes are fatal.   A brief overview of these statistics clearly indicates the immense impact road accidents have in several ways.  Let’s look at the most common effects road accidents have on accident victims and their families. Common

Log Truck Crashes

Difference Between a Truck Accident and a Car Accident

There are some distinctions between car vs truck accidents, including the extent of the victim’s injuries and the number of persons involved. When bringing a lawsuit or making a personal injury claim, these variations can be important. The kind of vehicle involved can also be a significant factor in establishing who is responsible for someone who sustains injuries in a motor vehicle collision that was the other driver’s fault. The size and weight of a truck that strikes your car might cause injuries that could last for years or have a significant impact on your quality of life. However, your injuries might be less severe and you might have a higher chance of fully recovering if a smaller automobile hits

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How Do Vehicles Roll Over

A car rollover accident occurs when a vehicle rolls over onto its side or roof. Sharp bends, high speeds, overloading, and vehicle design errors can all contribute to this. Rollovers are more likely with higher, narrower vehicles like SUVs and trucks, and they can cause serious injuries or even death. Driving at reasonable speeds, avoiding overloading the vehicle, and maintaining adequate tire maintenance are all preventative measures. Seat belts and airbags can assist reduce injuries in the case of a rollover. What are the Causes of Cars Rolling Over? A variety of variables can contribute to a car rollover, including: Risky Driving Speeding, making fast curves at high speeds, and abrupt lane changes are all examples of risky driving. These

if someone hit my parked car

What Happens if Someone Hit my Parked Car?

One out of every five auto accidents takes place in a garage or parking lot. Parking lots are the scene of about 50,000 crashes annually, many of which result in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries. Pedestrians account for about 40% of the fatalities in parking lot collisions. The most vulnerable groups to death include little children, newborns in strollers, and older persons. What Should I Do If Someone Hits my Parked Car? If someone hits my parked car in the parking lot, am I covered? If you can show that someone hit my parked car and was at fault in a parking lot, you can be compensated by their insurance. My car was hit while parked on the

car accident police report

How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident

Getting a police report following a car accident is a very important step, irrespective of if the incident is a slight fender bender or quite a major collision. Understanding what makes up car accident police reports, when and how to get one – as well as how a police report may be utilized during a car accident settlement or lawsuit – are essential for protecting your legal rights. This article explains when and how to get a report so that your rights will be protected. What Is a Car Accident Police Report? A police report is an incident report that is created by a law enforcement officer who reacts to the scene of a car accident. The report, which is

not a fault car accident

How to Prove You Are Not At Fault in a Car Accident

After a car accident, insurers try to figure out which driver was at fault. This may affect the amount of the insurance claim payout or denial of a claim. At times fault can be difficult to prove. Each state deems and attributes fault in a car crash differently, in particular when it comes to property damage as opposed to bodily injury claims. Most insurance coverage provides for Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”), which provides benefits regardless of who is at fault. This coverage generally only applies to policyholders. What is a “Fault” in a Car Accident? An at-fault car accident is one where the driver performed an action or did not take an action that caused the incident, commonly called an


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