if someone hit my parked car

What Happens if Someone Hit my Parked Car?

One out of every five auto accidents takes place in a garage or parking lot.

Parking lots are the scene of about 50,000 crashes annually, many of which result in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries.

Pedestrians account for about 40% of the fatalities in parking lot collisions.

The most vulnerable groups to death include little children, newborns in strollers, and older persons.

What Should I Do If Someone Hits my Parked Car?

If someone hits my parked car in the parking lot, am I covered?

If you can show that someone hit my parked car and was at fault in a parking lot, you can be compensated by their insurance.

My car was hit while parked on the street, am I covered?

If you can show who struck or sideswiped a parked automobile on the street, their insurance should pay for the damage.

What if someone hits my parked car and leaves?

If you have collision or UMPD coverage, your insurance should pay for the damages even if you don’t know who hit your car or can’t prove it. If you don’t have either coverage and you can’t identify the at-fault motorist, you’ll probably have to pay out of pocket.

someone hit my parked car and left

Steps to take If Someone Hit your Parked Car

Step 1: Call the Police

An accident report can be completed on-site by a police officer. This report is particularly useful because it conclusively shows that an accident occurred. Without it, you’ll need further proof to show that someone hit your parked car.

Step 2: Document the Accident

Ensure that you obtain a copy of the police report or, at the very least, the report number. A copy of the report will be needed by your insurance provider.

Step 3: Take Photos

You can snap pictures of any damage while you wait for the police officer to show up. As you circle your car, snapshots from all angles. Take images of significant structures that can be used to pinpoint where your car is parked.

Step 4: Notify your Insurer

Inform your insurance agent of the collision as soon as you can. What more information they require will be disclosed by your representative. You may need to fill out claim paperwork that they may have as well. You will likely only be able to file a claim on your collision coverage unless you can track down someone who hit your parked car.

Step 5: Check for Witnesses

Perhaps someone witnessed another driver hitting your car. Ask people at nearby businesses if they observed anything as you stroll around the area. Note the name, contact information (phone or email), and location of any witnesses.

What Should You Do If You Hit a Parked Car?

  1. Stay at the spot and call the police if anything is wrong.
  2. If nobody shows up, post a message on the windscreen of the car.
  3. Snap pictures.
  4. Scout out witnesses.
  5. Contact your insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Someone Hit my Parked Car

Should I Report Someone Hitting my Parked Car?

Yes, staying at the accident scene to speak with the police may also benefit your injury claim. You have the chance to ensure that the police report accurately represents your version of events by speaking with the officer. You can also find out the driver’s insurance details of who hit you.

Does someone Hitting my Parked Car Affect my Insurance?

You can experience a rate hike if you claim with your own auto insurance provider. Since you weren’t the one who caused the damage, filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance typically won’t result in a rate increase. Nevertheless, depending on your state, some insurance providers will raise your rate whenever a claim is made, regardless of responsibility.

Who is Liable for Damage in a Car Park?

According to the general norm, the parking lot owner is responsible for any damage caused by a vehicle while it is parked in their space. The owner is liable for any damage brought on by another driver, including damage from detachment or theft, among other things. But, not for the stolen goods.


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