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Daily Journal of Commerce: $4 million result in pedestrian death

KIRO7 Seattle: Pedestrian death wrongful death settlement

$4 million settlement after street-sweeper death in Bellevue

Legal Reader: Wrongful death filing in carbon monoxide case

Wrongful death lawsuits in San Juan Island case


Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin Coluccio InterviewLawyer Minds: Interview with Kevin Coluccio

Kevin’s dedication to his craft comes from years of learning the value of hard work. Growing up on a family farm and then working at an Alaskan cannery in between college and law school have embedded in Kevin a sense of pride in everything he does. Every case that Kevin works on at Coluccio Law – large or small – benefits from the lessons he learned. Kevin’s tenacity and work have led him to receive countless recognitions from trial lawyer organizations across the country and outstanding results for his clients…



Making the Defendant Truck Driver and Motor Carrier Safety Director Your Experts, Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys2019.

A personal injury lawyer guide to naming and questioning expert witnesses in truck crash litigation.

Trucking Crash Cases: Gaining Knowledge and Pursuing Justice, Washington State Association for Justice; Wyoming Trial Lawyers Assocation, 2017.

This webinar is designed as an introduction to handling a Plaintiff’s trucking tort case. Litigation involving trucking companies and truck drivers is not straight-forward and this webinar will provide you with an understanding of this area of the law and some tools to help you obtain justice for your clients.

Preventability – Discovery & Trial, Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, 2017

Understanding how “truck accidents” are defined by safety laws and by trucking industry groups helps plaintiff’s attorneys explain the predictability and preventability of most crashes during discovery, and at trial.  


Guide to a Truck Crash Lawsuit

We created this truck crash lawsuit guide to help our clients – and others – who have been involved in a life-changing truck crash. Understanding the basics of the legal process and the commercial trucking industry can help you make the best possible decisions for your future.

You may notice that we don’t use the word “accident” in this guide. In my 30+ years of representing injured people and their families, I have seen so much devastation caused by truck crashes. Most were not inevitable, unforeseeable “accidents”: they were the very predictable results of bad roads, bad vehicles, or bad driving choices. These preventable crashes result in thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

My firm, Coluccio Law, is dedicated to creating real and positive change in people’s lives. We take on a limited number of cases so that we can offer high-quality, personalized legal service — and get the best possible results for each client.

Read the full guide on, or contact us for the full book.

Recent Articles by Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin Coluccio

Trucking Law: Jurisdiction and Venue Can Enhance Case Value

AAJ Journal of Trucking Litigation, Winter/Spring 2020

A lawyer can have all the talent in the world, but the value of a semi-truck crash case is still limited by the jurisdiction where the lawsuit was filed. 

Personal Injury: System Failures in Street Sweeper Case

Trial News- Washington State Association for Justice, 2020

Personal injury lawyer Kevin Coluccio explains the wrongful death lawsuit that resulted from a man being crushed by a street sweeper in Bellevue, Washington.

Gardening for Heart Health

Living Safer Magazine, Spring 2020

Jurisdiction and Venue can Enhance Case Value

Trial News – Washington State Association for Justice, 2019

Attorney Kevin Coluccio discusses the importance of venue in trucking litigation, using the example of Washington State truck crash caused by a Nevada-based truck driver. 

Damages  WSAJ Nursing Home Litigation Desk Book: 2019

Special Section: Elder Law – Everybody matters, including the elderly 

Trial News – Washington State Association for Justice, 2018

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