Why does BMW want drivers to be (even more) distracted?

BMW is integrating Skype for Business into new cars.  The features will be integrated into the new BMW series in parts of Europe. Other markets—including the U.S.— should see it soon.  "Microsoft Exchange will also integrate calendars, to-do lists and contacts using the car's voice and navigation systems," according to the company's press release. Here's why this strikes [...]

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What will stop texting and driving? Jail time.

The most effective way to stop drivers from texting might be the threat of criminal charges. As of July 2017, texting while driving is illegal in 46 states. (Text messages are not the sole culprit—there are dozens of possible distractions on your smartphone—but only 14 states ban all hand-held devices for drivers.) You don't need [...]

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Washington State’s new distracted driving law: what you need to know

A decade ago, Washington legislators passed one of the earliest state laws regulating drivers' cell phone use. Since then, mobile devices have changed dramatically—and distracted driving has become an even bigger problem. On May 16, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5389: a new, more comprehensive distracted driving law. Gov. Inslee joined by legislators, family members [...]

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What are we going to do about distracted driving?

Just a couple of decades ago, alcohol was a factor in nearly half of all fatal crashes in the U.S.   Since then, social and legal changes have sliced that number in half. That’s a lot of progress. It’s still far too many senseless deaths. We looked at lessons from drunk driving legislation and change [...]

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A study on distracted driving enforcement in Washington

The University of Washington Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center conducted a study on distracted driving enforcement. Using focus groups of police officers from King County, Whatcom County, and Spokane County, researchers identified some common problems, including: distracted driving laws are difficult to enforce. The study participants proposed a solution. Laws should prohibit all forms [...]

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End Distracted Driving featured on The Today Show

End Distracted Driving founders and attorneys Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson talked about the untimely death of their daughter Casey on the Today Show. The segment also highlights several new phone apps to help prevent distracted driving. Click to get to the Today Show's interview of End Distracted Driving founders   "Be the [...]

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Cops are driving distracted – and it’s really dangerous

At any giving time, a police officer could be responding to a call, checking the in-dash computer – and driving a car. Officers are trained to multitask behind the wheel, but how well does that work? Washington State Distracted Driving Simulator Washington State University in Spokane set up a distracted driving simulation for police officers. [...]

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Who is Guilty of Multi-tasking while Driving?

Each day, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes involving distracted driving. Distracted driving has no boundaries. New drivers, experienced drivers, teen drivers and elderly drivers are all equally likely to be involved in distracted driving car crashes. Why do so many drivers think that safety operating [...]

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