Representing Burn Injury Victims

Representing the victims of burn injuries – explaining the treatment of burn injuries. Burn injuries present complex issues, throughout his career representing people who have suffered burn injuries, Kevin Coluccio has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to best understand and present these types of claims. The classifications of burns are as [...]

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Injured Inspector Obtains Full Policy Limits

Railing fails causes a 3-story fall and months in the hospital. Lee was a county inspector.  His job was to visit buildings in construction and to inspect the work completed to make sure that it met code requirements.  Lee was a well-respected inspector and had worked for the county for many years. He was assigned [...]

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A Real Look At Car Crash Accidents

As a car crash attorney, for the past 36 years, I (Kevin Coluccio at Coluccio Law) have been representing those injured by the acts of others or the survivors of those killed by the acts of others. The acts causing these injuries or death are not accidents. On the contrary, they are acts of carelessness, [...]

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Everybody Matters – Wrongful Death Justice

Several years ago, I (Kevin Coluccio) was asked to share my thoughts regarding wrongful death claims involving the elderly. As I mentioned in that article, the consistent claims of the defendants are that their values are quite limited because they were old, in compromised health, not working and they were going to die real soon [...]

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Justice Achieved for Family after Semi Truck Crash

Trucking Accident Lawyers encounter various semi-truck crash scenarios and this one was no different. Romeo (the plaintiff's family member) had sustained fatal injuries after a semi-truck crash. Regardless of adequate evidence, Romeo’s family was denied by many law firms and the investigating officers did not support their claims. Truck accident stats prove, that in many [...]

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