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The Importance of Truck Safety

For over 36 years, I (Kevin Coluccio) have represented those injured or the families of those killed by preventable crashes on our highways and roadways. Many of these claims involve semi-trucks and trucking companies. And at times, their failure to comply with industry safety standards. Generally speaking, a commercial motor vehicle crash (regardless of the size of the vehicle) is different from any other type of motor vehicle accident.

Turn to a Truck Accident Law Firm

A truck accident lawsuit requires the services of an experienced truck accident attorney. A trucking company and its insurance company are well aware of the fact that the attorneys they hire know exactly how to defend a truck accident victim.

Getting the best truck accident lawyer is how you get what is rightfully owed to you.

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Higher Truck Accident Statistics

Recently I read an article in Transport Topics expressing the importance of Trucking. The Op-Ed was written by a lawyer whose lawyers defend commercial truck companies and truck drivers.

In the article, it is pointed out that the Trucking Industry is invaluable and that “The public does not see trucking through the same rosy glasses that [he] does.”  The author also claims that the public is “inundated with stories that the trucking industry is bad and the public should fear it.”

Wisdom and experience teach that one size does not fit all. All trucking companies are not bad and to be feared but the statistics must be considered when looking at the industry.

Trucking Accidents Happen Every Day

Large commercial trucks are involved in numerous crashes each day. In many of these crashes, folks are killed or seriously injured. What cannot be disputed is that commercial truck drivers operate large and potentially dangerous pieces of equipment and therefore they are rightfully held to a higher standard of care than that of a regular motorist.

Reducing Truck Accidents

Trucking companies and truck drivers are governed by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and the federal regulations that they manage. The primary mission of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

Serving Victims Of Preventable Accidents

All too often, I am contacted by families whose loved ones have suffered serious injuries or been killed by preventable crashes caused by a truck driver. Many times, these truck drivers have lacked proper training. Many have failed to drive properly because they were in a hurry or distracted.

Representing As A Truck Accident Lawyer

Recently, I represented (as a truck accident attorney) a young man on his way home from a high school sports practice. He stopped, and signaled his turn but was hit from behind by a truck driver. The reason for collision is that the truck driver was not paying attention. Nothing blocked his visibility and he was on a roadway where motorists commonly stopped to take left-hand turns.

Truck Safety Should Be At The Forefront

The truck driver’s failures resulted in a major crash and severe injuries to my client and another driver. The truck driver could not explain his failure. As a truck accident attorney, I often encountered this excuse.

So, while I agree that the Trucking Industry is important to the commerce of our country, I strongly believe that safety needs to be at the forefront of the Industry.

Commercial truck companies are responsible to ensure that commercial truck accidents are mitigated by stringent industry standards and that truck accident cases are thoroughly investigated.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

At Coluccio Law, we fiercely serve families who have lost loved ones to semi-truck and truck accidents and those who are victims of truck accidents.

As an experienced truck accident lawyer, I (Kevin Coluccio) aim to ensure that victims of truck accidents get the compensation they deserve for injuries sustained, medical expenses, or any other expense related to the truck accident case.

If you are a victim of a truck crash – contact an experienced truck accident lawyer today – contact Coluccio Law.

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