Everything you need to know about Amazon Delivery Trucks

Amazon delivery trucks have increased in popularity over the last few years since they launched their last-mile delivery program. Since then, delivery vans have started to play a key role in Amazon’s significantly large delivery network.

They bought vans from three major automobile brands namely the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and welcomed the participation of Amazon Flex Drivers and Delivery Service Partners as added assistance to their delivery network.

In the event of a road accident, one needs to know who is responsible for claims related to Amazon delivery trucks.  Victims of accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks need to be aware of who is accountable and in control of compensation for damages and injuries incurred.

What are Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSP)

Amazon Delivery Service Partner (“DSP”) are local companies that Amazon partners with to deliver packages from a central location to their customers using Amazon delivery vans. This allows an opportunity for many to start their own delivery business using Amazon’s tools and technology.

Amazon DSP owners have access to a steady delivery volume, hands-on training, as well as the bonus of discounts on many assets and services, most related to vehicle leases.

Delivering Amazon packages as a Delivery Service Partner requires significant commitment and many of the same skills associated with small business owners. Delivery operations in the logistics industry require not just putting together the startup costs and liquid assets, but also maintaining a delivery station and delivery technology that services delivery routes and meets delivery timelines.

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Things to consider before applying to Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program?

The Delivery Service Partner program can be a good match for those who are looking to run a full-time business, have experience hiring and coaching teams, and are comfortable in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

Candidates need to enjoy building and growing a team and possess significant leadership skills that inspire a team to handle labor-intensive delivery work. When candidates are selected, areas such as work history, education, and financial information are looked at to determine eligibility for the program.

As this program requires a substantial amount of hands-on work and commitment, it may not be a good fit for those looking to make a passive investment, work part-time, or run a package delivery business in multiple locations/regions.

Applicants with relationships with individuals or entities that create a conflict of interest are ineligible to be a Delivery Service Partner. This means that any person with an interest in a DSP business may not have an interest in any other DSP business and DSPs may not have a spouse or partner with an existing DSP business.

Who Is Accountable for Injuries Caused by DSP Drivers?

When a driver who is employed by an Amazon DSP driver causes an accident, it is said that Amazon does not hold itself accountable for such an incident. Responsibility is passed on to the small business owners who ultimately run said deliveries, which creates a safety net for Amazon not having to be held liable for damages.

The claim that Amazon is not responsible is disputed and the courts are addressing the claim for accountability by Amazon.

Are Amazon Delivery Truck Drivers Independent Contractors?

DSP drivers may appear to be independent contractors, but this can be disputed due to the amount of control that is exerted over Amazon delivery truck drivers. Though not formally seen as Amazon employees, drivers hired by DSPs are controlled by elements such as driving scorecards related to each driver’s performance, as well as monitoring systems such as cameras used to monitor drivers and devices used to record speed, and location turns and following distances.

What Happens if an Amazon Delivery Truck Hits My Car?

If one is involved in an accident involving an Amazon delivery truck, one could lodge a claim to receive compensation for damages and injuries. The issue arises however with the matter of the relationship between DSP delivery drivers and Amazon as a company and often when the injuries and damages are in excess of the amount of insurance coverage held by the DSP driver and his company.

Amazon claims that all small businesses that run delivery operations are responsible for such accidents, those who are victims of delivery truck accidents may find themselves in a position that does not allow them to make use of insurance that can successfully compensate them for the nature and extent of their injuries, medical expenses, loss of income, general suffering encountered as a result of the accident and any permanent limitations and disabilities.

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The Steps for Applying as an Amazon DSP

Step 1: Filling out the Application and Answering Questions

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Preferred locations.

Yes/ No questions such as:

  • Are you a military veteran?
  • Do you have any experience related to building and developing a team?
  • Are you as an individual ready to commit to being a hands-on DSP owner full-time?
  • Does your history include owning and operating your own business?
  • Have you or a business you have owned ever had to declare bankruptcy protection?
  • Do you possess a minimum of at least $30,000 available in liquid assets?

Basic qualifications that applicants must possess include:

  • Experience in hiring and the ability to develop great teams.
  • The commitment to act as a full-time hands-on DSP operator.
  • Experience in hiring and developing great teams.
  • Liquid assets amounting to $30,000 or more.
  • Strong credit history.
  • Previous business ownership. This is preferred but not required.

Step 2: Provide Additional Details on the Application

Amazon will require one to provide additional details such as one’s experience, skills, and reasons why the applicant qualified to become a DSP.

Step 3: Be Ready for an Interview

If the application is considered, one will be required to attend an initial interview and may be asked to visit a local delivery station to grasp the concept of what it means to be a DSP, and to confirm that an Amazon DSP business is what the applicant wants.

Step 4: Get Formal Training

After the first 3 stages of the application process have been successfully passed and one’s application as a DSP has been accepted, formal training will be provided, which will last for three weeks.

Step 5: Start Your Amazon Delivery Business

Once training has been completed, one should be ready to set up their DSP business which should start with setting up a recruiting and training team.

Step 6: Operate Your Business

Those who start their success as DSPs should always operate their business with efficiency and productivity while always remembering that Amazon values time. By applying these three key focuses, one can get ready to grow their DSP business with Amazon.

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FAQs – Amazon Delivery Truck

How many areas of service can a delivery provider cover?

Delivery providers can cover multiple service areas and are awarded based on performance, rates, need, and capability.

What type of vehicle do I need?

To be an Amazon delivery truck driver one will need to use a commercially registered van such as Tata Ace, Maruti Eeco, Omni, etc. Any vehicles used should have health certifications as per local laws and have more than 120 cubic feet of space.

Are uniforms required for delivery service drivers?

Delivery associates do not require uniforms, but they must ensure that all of their Amazon delivery van drivers wear the necessary identity cards and high visibility jackets provided.

Is Amazon seen as responsible for its drivers?

Amazon claims that it completely outsources delivery services known as Delivery Service Partners to assist in delivering parcels, and claims that they are independent carriers. Amazon exercises near complete control over the so-called thousands of independent drivers.  It has been held by many courts that these drivers are regarded as employed by Amazon; as such Amazon is to be held responsible for the claims against these Amazon DSP drivers.

Amazon takes the position that they have no responsibility for any insurance or compensation related to accidents caused by a driver under their label. Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney to handle claims involving DSP drivers is important.

Truck Insurance for your Amazon Delivery Truck

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