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Court affirms Amazon Flex Drivers as Employees

Across the country, as more and more Amazon vans are seen on our highways and in our communities, a battle is going on over whether the drivers, known as Amazon Flex drivers, are independent contractors or employees of Amazon. Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court affirmed a court of appeals decision holding that Amazon Flex drivers were not independent contractors. This is an important and critical issue for the safety of our communities and in terms of holding Amazon accountable for accidents and injuries caused by the flex drivers. The Amazon Flex program hires workers (whom Amazon sees as independent contractors) to deliver small packages out of their own cars. There is no Amazon-provided vehicle, and much of the Flex “fleet”

Types of Compensation in Truck Accidents and its Process

In truck accident instances, compensation covers various costs incurred by the victims, including pain, property damage, lost wages, and medical expenses. Reimbursement requires dealing with insurance and overcoming convoluted legal processes. Deciding who is at fault and how much harm to assign is challenging. Victims must comprehend the many forms of compensation that are available as well as the claims procedure. Types Of Compensation In Truck Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks Truck accident claims include various compensation options to address the varying damages victims suffer. Economic Damages In A Truck Accident Economic damages in truck accident cases cover the victim’s actual monetary losses. This category usually consists of healthcare expenses for hospitalization, procedures rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy for injuries sustained in

The Forced Pace of Amazon Drivers Loading – A Danger to Workers

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, relies on a vast network of delivery drivers to ensure timely shipments to customers across the globe. However, behind the convenience of next-day deliveries lies a concerning reality: the grueling work conditions faced by Amazon drivers. Key Takeaways  Unsafe Work Conditions and Back Injury Risk The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries recently exposed a concerning reality: delivery drivers at a Seattle-area warehouse are required to load vans at a dangerously fast pace. According to the department, drivers must load their vans in a manner and time-frame that leads to a high or very high risk of lower back injury. This issue isn’t isolated; unsafe work conditions persist for drivers and workers across Washington state.

Amazon – Now The Largest Package Delivery Carrier

Amazon, the e-commerce titan, has ascended to become the largest package delivery carrier in the United States, outpacing industry giants FedEx and UPS. This seismic shift, reported by the Wall Street Journal, highlights Amazon’s dominance, delivering over 4.8 billion packages in the US in 2023. Unveiling Amazon’s Strategies Who delivers most Amazon packages? Amazon is the largest package delivery carrier in the United States, delivering more than 4.8 billion packages in 2023. It uses its own network of vans, drivers, and contractors, as well as its partnerships with the postal service and other delivery companies. Amazon’s Unique Delivery Armada Gone are the days of traditional delivery methods. Amazon has revolutionized the script, orchestrating a delivery symphony involving vans, drivers, and

Complete Guide to Sue a Trucking Company for not Paying You

If you are a truck driver who has not been paid by your employer, you may be wondering how to sue a trucking company for not paying you. Truck drivers have the right to receive fair wages and benefits for their work, and if a trucking company violates this right, they can be held liable for wage theft. In this blog post, we will explain the need, requirements, and process to sue a trucking company for not paying you. We will also show you how Coluccio Law can help you with your case. Need to Sue a Trucking Company Trucking companies are required by law to pay their drivers according to the terms of their employment contracts, the Fair Labor

Truck Crashes

Does a Truck Jackknifing Mean They Are at Fault?

What does Jackknife Truck Mean? It’s not just a quirky dance move for semis. It’s a terrifying scene all too often seen on the highway, where a massive trailer swings out like a deadly pendulum, threatening nearby vehicles and leaving a trail of devastation. Imagine the sickening screech of brakes, the helpless crunch of metal, and the shattered lives of truck accident victims. In the blink of an eye, a family road trip turns into a fight for survival. The good news? You’re not alone. If you’ve been impacted by a trailer swing jackknifing truck accident, finding answers and seeking justice is possible. This guide will navigate the wreckage, untangle the legalities, and connect you with an experienced jackknife truck


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