Personal injury accident

$3,000,000 Personal Injury Settlement Claim

Our law firm established Prior water damage.

Personal Injury Case: Background

Phil had built a reputation as a top-notch plumber and successfully started his own plumbing company.  He worked long hours starting early each morning.

He was contacted by a long-time client to do plumbing work in a new business that was opening in a strip mall in Kirkland, Washington.  The lease space had been partially demolished, and he needed to install some piping in one of the back walls of the space.  He arrived very early one morning to accomplish the task.

He went to the back corner of the space and began his work.  Without warning or any notice, the floor gave way beneath him.  Phil landed on the concrete garage floor beneath the lease space, a drop of about 30 feet.

Personal Injury Sustained

Landing directly on both feet, he suffered serious injuries and multiple fractures. He could not move and was in extreme pain.  He called for help and finally after over an hour, a person walking by the area heard him and came to his aid.  He was rushed to a local hospital.

Most personal injury cases investigate the possibility of traumatic brain injury, regarded as severe harm or serious injury under injury law.

Personal Injury Settlement Claim

What is Considered Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury law deals specifically with cases where an accident or incident has led to traumatic brain injury. This may be of a result of a car accident, personal injury or physical assault for example. Traumatic brain injury lawyers are experienced with handling these cases and ensuring a favorable outcome for the victim and/or the family of the brain injury victim.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyers Immediately

Although this was not an intentional act, an injured person in such a case has a right to a personal injury claim settlement.

Phil turned to our law firm for representation from our proactive personal injury lawyers, who have represented several personal injury cases.

After several surgeries and medical treatment, he began the process of healing and rehabilitation from his serious injury.

Tough and determined, Phil returned to work in a wheelchair and supervised his employee, continuing his job commitments.

A Personal Injury Law Firm Determines Liability

After being retained, our personal injury law firm immediately went to the strip mall to talk with other business owners about the lease space.

Sure enough, we found out that there had been major water leaks in the space over the past several years.

Those leaks and the failure of the landlord to inspect and maintain the wood flooring resulted in a substantial amount of rot in the flooring and subflooring.

Structural Damage Discovered

It was the structural weaknesses and subsequent property damage that caused Phil to fall through the floor and onto the concrete below and his injuries.

Successful Personal Injury Claims

With the discovery of said structural negligence, the deposition of the landlord, and retained experts, we were able to reach a compensation settlement of nearly $3,000,000 for personal injury, associated medical expenses, and other punitive damages.

Phil returned to his successful plumbing business after his personal injury case, which has continued to grow, despite his serious injury.

Free case evaluation with Personal Injury Lawyers

At Coluccio Law firm, we offer free case evaluation by our Seattle personal injury attorney in personal injury cases due to a car accident, medical malpractice, or personal injury cases due to other types of negligence.

Let’s settle your compensation claim.

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