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A Young Life is Changed Forever by a Commercial Truck Accident

While training as a commercial truck driver, a trainee truck driver, accompanied by a truck driver trainer, was driving along a busy freeway. As so often happens in the Pacific Northwest during the spring months, a rain squall occurred.

On this day, as the young trainee and the trainer were traveling at highway speeds, it was apparent that they would be entering a squall ahead. A rain squall is a sudden, brief, and intense storm of wind and rain. As the driver approached the squall, he did not slow down.

The commercial truck driver trainer did not provide any instruction or communicate to the trainee that the truck’s speed needed to be slowed.

Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Overview of Truck Crash

As he entered the squall, the driver quickly lost control of the semi-truck and began to hydroplane causing his rig to move into the adjacent lane of travel. He still did not reduce his speed and due to his lack of truck driving skills, the commercial truck veered further out of control.

Finally, the trainer shouted, “slow down”, but it was too late, he crashed into the car in the adjacent lane causing it to be pushed into the side guard rail and spin around. The car finally came to a stop.

In the car was young Angelah, 5 years old. The impact caused her to suffer a brain injury. Law Enforcement and aid personnel quickly arrived at the truck accident scene. Angelah, along with her mother were taken to a local hospital.

Angelah would remain in the hospital for several months. Surgery was required to release pressure on Angelah’s brain.

As she began to improve, she underwent intense rehabilitation to learn again how to speak and walk. She worked hard and slowly improved. Her parents and sister were with her every step of the way, supporting and encouraging Angelah.

Trucking Company Blames Motorist

The trucking company immediately blamed Angelah’s mom and claimed she should have seen the semi-truck moving into the lane in which she was driving. They also claimed that the truck driver trainee could not have known the squall would be so intense and cause his rig to hydroplane.

Truck Accident Lawyers Established Guilt

Coluccio Law, with its retained experts, established in the depositions of the trainee and the driver trainer their responsibility for the failure to pay proper attention to the weather which they were approaching.

We further established that the truck driver trainer did not provide any guidance to the truck driver trainee, who was only on his second trip behind the wheel of a semi-truck.

Angelah’s mother had done nothing wrong and had, herself carefully slowed as she approached and entered the squall. The movement of the semi-truck into her lane of travel happened without warning and right in front of her.

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer for All Commercial Truck Accidents

Coluccio Law, as one of the top truck accident law firms, knows the rules and standards that are required for the operation of commercial vehicles on our highways.

Those rules and standards were broken by the truck driver and the motor carrier. Because these rules and standards were broken, Angelah’s future was forever changed.

Trucking accidents are all too common. And truck accident lawyers, such as Coluccio Law, will pursue your truck accident case and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Truck Accident Victims Deserve Successful Truck Accident Claims

The truck accident claim settlement we obtained for Angelah provided her and her family with resources to help Angelah continue her recovery and assistance for her future.

What to do if you have Been in a Commercial Truck Accident?

Following a truck accident, you should follow these vital steps to ensure you get the compensation you deserve with the help of a truck accident lawyer.

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident:

  1. Report the Accident to the Police.
    Report the truck accident to the police as soon as possible with as much information as possible.
  2. Collect all Information at the Accident Scene.
    Gather all relevant info from the truck accident scene. Including the particulars of the truck company, the truck driver, and the insurance company used by the truck company. All this information will be vital to lodge a truck accident case.
  3. Take Photographs if Possible
    If possible, take photos of the commercial trucks involved, the trucking accident scene, and/or any other cars involved in the accident.
  4. Get Medical Treatment Without Delay
    Injured truck accident victims should get access to medical care immediately. Should you file a truck accident case; your medical bills will be covered by the claim. Lost wages are also included in a truck accident settlement.
  5. Contact Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys or a Truck Accident Law Firm
    You will need an experienced truck accident attorney in the event of a truck accident lawsuit.

Most importantly, be safe.

Fighting Truck Accident Cases For Our Clients

At Coluccio Law truck accident law firm, you will get the personal injury representation you need to fight the trucking industry and get pursue the monetary compensation you will need and deserve!

Talk to your trusted truck accident lawyer today – Call Coluccio Law!

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