Trucking Law: Jurisdiction and Venue Can Enhance Case Value

Attorney Kevin Coluccio was published in the Winter/Spring 2020 edition of the Journal of Trucking Litigation. Below is the transcript of the full article, with minor changes for accurate digital representation. See the PDF: Trucking Law: Jurisdiction and Venue Can Enhance Case Value. Good lawyers know the importance of a choosing a forum that best serves your clients [...]

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Truck crash tragedy caused by training failures

A squall is a sudden, sharp increase in wind speed and usually associated with heavy rain showers. Squalls usually last only a few minutes. In the Pacific Northwest, squalls are not an unusual occurrence. It was late May, near the Washington – Oregon border and a commercial driver trainee was behind the wheel of a big [...]

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Losing a year of college to a traumatic brain injury

The eastern part of Washington State is rural with lots of open roadways. Semi-truck traffic is common, with truck drivers traveling both across the state and down from Canada. What I have seen over my career in handling truck crash cases, is that commercial drivers can often get complacent and allow their minds to drift [...]

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In honor of the short life of Garrett Underland, #77

Garrett Underland should be starting his senior year at White Pass High School. He should one of twelve seniors on the team, a big bruising tackle. He should be driving a second-hand truck to football practice, and thinking about applying for college scholarships. He should be #77. Garrett never got to do any of it. [...]

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One year later: Remembering Adriana Brown

Adriana Brown was a skilled personal trainer at the Seattle gym where I am a member.  More importantly, she was a friend and loved by our gym membership. One of her favorite sayings was "Suck it up, buttercup!" She would usually say this during one of her work-outs and when one of her clients began [...]

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