Incredible log truck collision left a professional chef with a broken jaw

Benji is a professional chef, and he is passionate about his calling. He and his wife worked hard to purchase a piece of property outside of Longview, Washington. They were making plans to build a there home for themselves and their young son. In an instant, everything changed. Surviving a log truck collision On a rainy summer afternoon, Benji was driving out to inspect his property. A logging truck driver was at a stop sign on Abernathy Creek road. He started to turn left onto State Route 4, and then stopped about several feet into the west-bound lane—right in front of Benji’s car. As the truck started to turn and stop in front of him, Benji tried to avoid the

Investigating a fatal truck crash at Snoqualmie Pass

In dark hours of an early winter morning, truckers are eager to miss rush hour traffic as they are headed out on their routes. Dispatchers advised that a winter weather advisory was expected. The temperature hovered right around freezing on the east side of the Snoqualmie Pass. It was just before 5 a.m. when a dump truck and trailer carrying treated sewage hits a patch of ice. The trucker had set his cruise control at 62 mph. He was attempting to merge from the right to the center lane, and lost control of the truck. He overcorrected his steering, swerving back across the highway. He hit a concrete barrier, and the truck and trailer tipped over on the passenger side,

Remembering a Christmas-time semi-truck crash

Every year around this time, I think about the Wright family—and the head-on, high-speed semi-truck crash that almost killed them at Christmas. The family was on their way to a Christmas party when the family vehicle was struck head-on by a semi-truck and trailer, at full highway speed. Two of the family members suffered serious injuries. They were airlifted from the crash scene to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. (While I won’t share details in order to protect their privacy, the crash was violent and included the death of the family dog.) Investigating the Christmas semi-truck crash As an attorney representing the Wright family, I had to do a lot of research and investigation into the causes of this semi-truck crash. In

Our first virtual jury trial in a car crash lawsuit

In November 2020,  I had the honor of participating in a virtual jury trial for a car crash lawsuit as plaintiff’s co-counsel with my good friend Jeff Tuttle. His client, Keith, had been riding his bike to work. He hit by a car turning in front of him. Keith suffered various injuries—including a head injury. While the courts have continued to postpone many civil cases during COVID-19, Keith had already waited a long time for justice. It was four years after the collision when his car crash lawsuit finally went to trial last month. One of the first virtual trials in the country A normal trial in a case like this would start with motions, and then jury selection. And originally,

Trucking Law: Jurisdiction and Venue Can Enhance Case Value

Attorney Kevin Coluccio was published in the Winter/Spring 2020 edition of the Journal of Trucking Litigation. Below is the transcript of the full article, with minor changes for accurate digital representation. See the PDF: Trucking Law: Jurisdiction and Venue Can Enhance Case Value. Good lawyers know the importance of choosing a forum that best serves your client’s needs. As a lawyer, you can have all the talent in the world, but the value of your case is still limited by the jurisdiction where the lawsuit was filed. In this article, we explain how we took a truck crash in Washington State, discovered how jurisdiction could be found in Clark County, Nevada, and how we successfully kept the case in Clark County, Nevada. Our

Semi crash in Washington dust storm is not an accident

On Monday, April 27, a semi-truck crashed into cars in a Washington dust storm along State Route 26. Spokane news outlet KXLY reported that a section of the highway was closed due to a semi crash “from poor visibility and blowing dust.” It is tempting to think of a crash like this as a mere “accident”, completely unavoidable and caused simply by bad weather conditions. But my decades of experience in truck crash law have taught me that a semi crash in the midst of a Washington dust storm may not an accident. It could have—and should have—been prevented. Dust storm semi crashes caused by trucker failures Professional truck drivers are just that – professionals. They are (or should be)


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