What Happens if a FedEx Truck Crashes?

It’s a terrifying scene – suddenly a huge truck comes barreling toward you. There’s no time to react and nowhere to go. The last thing you see before it smacks into your car is the unmistakable FedEx logo!

Any car accident is shocking, but a truck crash often ends up killing people in smaller vehicles. Even if you only have minor injuries, your car may be badly damaged.

The FedEx Company

Founded in 1971, Federal Express Corporation expanded into the global transport titan known as FedEx – the second biggest shipping company in America. Across its worldwide divisions, including Express, Ground, and Freight, are >210,000 motorized vehicles including many trucks. These range from its ubiquitous delivery vans to 80,000-pound semi-trucks.

fedex truck crash

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

You never want to exclaim, “A FedEx truck hit my car!” Regrettably, despite the company’s excellent safety record and policies, truck accidents are not uncommon.

These are some reported causes of FedEx trucks crashing:

  • The truck’s parking brakes weren’t engaged.
  • Failed to yield when merging back into traffic.
  • Backed up after missing the delivery address.
  • Didn’t obey traffic laws or signals.
  • Inadequately trained drivers.
  • Drove while tired or intoxicated.
  • Failed to complete repairs or safety checks.

You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s critical that you never admit liability to officials or the truck driver on the scene. The accident’s cause is often unclear.

It’s crucial that you hire a truck accident lawyer near you who ensures that victims receive the compensation they deserve to handle all medical expenses, possible loss of income, and vehicle repairs or replacement.

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Types of Truck Crash Injuries

Hopefully, you or a passenger will only have sustained minor injuries, but some can be serious:

  • Back and Neck Injuries, such as whiplash, are not always immediately apparent.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries are often permanent and require multiple surgeries and long rehabilitation.
  • Head and Brain Trauma, ranging from mild concussions to permanent brain damage.
  • Burns may require skin grafts and cause painful, permanent disfigurement.
  • Amputations may require continuing medical treatment and adaptive prosthetic devices.
  • Internal Injuries from blunt force trauma can damage vital internal organs.
  • Bruises, Broken Bones, and Lacerations may cause permanent, disfiguring scars and the risk of serious secondary infections.

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What Is Vicarious Liability?

Any FedEx driver involved in an accident will impact the company or its incorporated affiliates. If you or a passenger is wrongfully injured or killed in an accident, the company or its responsible partner may be held liable. This legal principle is called respondeat superior or ‘vicarious liability’, where an employer is held responsible for malfunctioning equipment or the behavior of on-duty employees.

The company may not have directly caused the accident, but it and its partners have a duty to follow its driver safety policy, all legal regulations, and traffic laws. The parent company and incorporated affiliates must ensure that its trucks are safe, properly inspected, and maintained.

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What to Expect when Suing FedEx?

Suing FedEx can be extremely complicated. It has an in-house army of attorneys who are well-versed in the complex regulatory environment. Also, the company sells routes to other affiliates that employ their own contractors.

Scenarios for FedEx Truck Accidents

  • A Defective Part or Poor Maintenance Caused the Crash: FedEx truck accident policy dictates that the owner of that route is liable. Even if the truck says “FedEx” on the side, you probably can’t hold the parent company accountable.
  • The Driver is in Error: If the driver is a FedEx employee, then the company is liable. If the driver is employed by an incorporated affiliate, then that partner company is responsible.
  • Hiring Practices: All companies should use best practices when hiring employees. If the employer failed to conduct background or reference checks and hired someone with a history of traffic violations or other disqualifying issues, then the company may be liable.


Suing FedEx after a truck accident is challenging, but Kevin Coluccio Law in Seattle, WA will build your case.

With nearly 35 years of experience and over $300 million in personal injury compensation, Kevin Coluccio is recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America in personal injury litigation. Contact us today for the expert representation you need to win maximum compensation for your trauma and loss.

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