The Invisible Killer: wrongful death from carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is the “Invisible Killer”: a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas.

Every year, hundreds of people across the U.S. die because of accidental, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning associated with consumer products like furnaces and generators.

Wrongful death carbon monoxide tragedy in Washington

Kelli was just 22 years old. She had recently been accepted to a local college to continue her dream of becoming a physical therapist.

On a warm April evening, Kelli went out with friends and her sister for dinner, drinks and an evening of fun.

When she got home that night, she baked some cookies and went to bed.

The next morning, she was discovered dead in her own bed.

At first, no one knew what caused Kelli’s sudden death. She had seemed fine just hours before.

Eventually, a thorough investigation found that faulty piping on the furnace in Kelli’s house. Carbon monoxide had leaked into the home while she slept.

Keeping your family safe from the invisible killer

A carbon monoxide detector could have prevented Kelli’s death, and the grief her family will forever suffer.

Nearly all local hardware stores and numerous websites have affordably priced carbon monoxide detectors.

These alarms are easily installed and should be placed outside of sleeping areas, along with smoke detectors.

Prevent-Wrongful-death-Carbon Monoxide Detector

You should have at least one carbon monoxide detector in your home.

You should also have your heating systems, including chimneys and vents, inspected and serviced annually by a properly trained and qualified technician.

Please, take action today. Buy at least one carbon monoxide detector for your home. If you already have one in place, test it and check the batteries.

Don’t let the invisible killer claim another victim. 

– Attorney Kevin Coluccio, Washington State. 

Coluccio Law assisted with Kelli’s family’s wrongful death carbon monoxide claim.

FAQ about wrongful death

We start an investigation. Sometimes, this is as simple as obtaining police and witness reports. In more complex cases, we look to expert investigators to help us piece together what happened.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio has been investigating wrongful death cases for more than 30 years, and has accurately assessed fault in hundreds of cases.

It depends on how the death occurred, who you are filing a lawsuit against, and how much investigation is needed.

It could take a few months, or it could take a couple of years. We can give you an idea of how long it takes to file a wrongful death lawsuit once we’ve reviewed your case.

It is important to not pursue settlement of your claim until the full extent of the damages are known. We are careful to consider all aspects of the damages caused by a wrongful death.

A contingency fee means a lawyer only earns a fee by successfully resolving your case. 

Personal injury lawyers usually take a percentage of the total amount of money you get at the end of the case. This means that lawyers have financial incentive to help you get the case done as successfully as possible.

It also means that we incur the risks of litigation: if we aren’t successful in your wrongful death claim, then we don’t get paid an attorney fee.

For a free wrongful death consultation with Coluccio Law:

  • If you send a message, you will get an email or call back as soon as possible.
  • If you call, a receptionist will ask a couple of basic questions, get your contact information, and put you in touch with the first available member of the legal staff. If attorney Kevin Coluccio is available, he will speak with you directly.

In the first conversation, we will ask you questions about the person who died, when and how they died, and determine what other information we might need to start an investigation and open a wrongful death case.

We will try to understand if it is possible that another person’s bad actions caused your person’s death. If so, we would want to act quickly to preserve evidence and help you protect your legal rights.

If we are not able to help with your case, we will do our best to refer you to another legal resource.

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