Family of man crushed in street sweeper accident settles wrongful death case

The family of a pedestrian who was run over by in a street sweeper accident have settled their wrongful death lawsuit against the companies that owned and operated the heavy equipment. In February 2018, the victim, Mr. Alexandru Culai, was struck and killed by a street sweeper on 120th Avenue NE in Bellevue, Washington. With the help [...]

A young life lost to the Invisible Killer: wrongful death carbon monoxide

It's the “Invisible Killer”: a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas. Every year, hundreds of people across the U.S. die because of accidental, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning associated with consumer products like furnaces and generators. Wrongful death Carbon Monoxide tragedy in Washington State Kelli was just 22 years old. She had recently been accepted to [...]

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