A clean water legacy for a teenage crash victim

Garrett was 15 years old when he was killed by a distracted semi-truck driver at 60 mph on a Washington State highway. Before he died, Garrett wrote that “a legacy is something you leave behind.” Garrett knew that his own legacy was still unknown, but wrote that he “planned to change the whole world.”  He was interested in [...]

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A young life lost to the Invisible Killer

It's the “Invisible Killer”: a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas. Every year, hundreds of people across the U.S. die because of accidental, non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning associated with consumer products like furnaces and generators.   Carbon Monoxide tragedy in Washington State Kelli was just 22 years old. She had recently been accepted to a [...]

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The loss of my good friend Paul Whelan

In 1990, when I began practicing law at Schroeter Goldmark & Bender, in Seattle, I was assigned an office next to partner Paul Whelan. Paul had been with the firm for many years and had a reputation as a skilled and successful trial attorney. He handled medical malpractice claims, battled asbestos companies and major corporations in [...]

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Remembering Brooke, and the death that broke his heart

On Friday, I received a message from the brother of one of my clients. My former client had suddenly passed away on Christmas Day. His cause of death was not immediately known. In my mind, it was caused by a broken heart. I represented Brooke about 10 years ago, but his story stays with me. [...]

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Why we “Walk for Water” in Seattle

Did you think about water this morning? You drank a glass of water, and used a clean, safe toilet. You washed your hands. You made coffee, and started the dishwasher. You worked out, and tossed your gym clothes in the washing machine. You had a hot shower. It's easy to forget that nearly a billion humans don't have [...]

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Being thankful for the invisible forces of safety

This morning, you got behind the wheel of your car. You checked traffic, and revised your route. You dropped the kids off at school, and navigated your way to work. This afternoon, you'll do the same thing in reverse. The things that didn't happen ... You didn't trip and fall on broken sidewalk. Your car [...]

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How to conduct a good investigation: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Checklist

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, I am often retained to help injured people and their families long after the harm has occurred. Most people—rightfully—focus on medical care, recovery and grieving. On the defendant’s side, insurance companies know about a serious crash or injury incident almost immediately. They have investigators, experts and lawyers on retainer. Their team [...]

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