The X Factor in Brain Injury Recovery

Tessa Venell was in a serious car accident and hit her head on the car’s windshield.

Most people with severe head injuries like hers do not survive.

So far, Tessa’­s made an amazing recovery. A short video of Tessa’s story: Then and Now

Brain_Injury_Recovery_Kevin Coluccio_Lawyer_Seattle
Then and Now: a brain injury survival story

How did Tessa make such a complete and unexpected recovery?

She credits her strong support network.

Tessa describes the loneliness and isolation that TBI patients endure. That’s a well-documented problem for brain injury survivors. Many face persistent cognitive issues that take medical precedence over psychological issues.

And many rehabilitation approaches don’t include psychological treatments as a regular part of treatment.

There’s not much research on how the support and encouragement of family, friends, and medical providers assist in a TBI survivor’s recovery. It’s nearly impossible to measure and quantify how a strong support system aids in recovery.

But stories like Tessa’s certainly suggest that there’s an “x factor” in brain injury recovery.


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