The inspiring resilience of a young burn injury survivor

In the last 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of injured people. I have seen the aftermath of massive truck crashes, of pedestrian fatalities and of tragic accidents that have destroyed lives.

But the incredible pain of a burn injury stands out as particularly devastating.

Burn wounds are not only physical, but also psychological: visible burns drastically change a person’s appearance. Survivors often experience severe depression, and withdraw from society to conceal their injuries.

That’s why it’s so inspiring to see a young burn injury survivor bravely tell her story as part of the documentary Trial By Fire

Coluccio Law Burn Injury Survivor Story Calais Weber was only 15 when she almost died. An accidental fire started during chemistry class changed her life forever.

She was ready to share her story after 16 surgeries, several months in the hospital, and a stay at Angel Faces, a retreat that empowers young women with burns and facial disfigurements.

Calais recently graduated from Wellesley College. She plans to attend medical school to become a reconstructive surgeon so that she may help other burn victims.

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