The inspiring resilience of a young burn injury survivor

In the last 30 years, I’ve worked with thousands of injured people. I have seen the aftermath of massive truck crashes, of pedestrian fatalities and of tragic accidents that have destroyed lives. But the incredible pain of a burn injury stands out as particularly devastating. Burn wounds are not only physical, but also psychological: visible [...]

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Avoiding burn injuries: What to do if your car starts on fire

My office has been working a lot with clients who have sustained really severe burns. These are some of the most traumatic injuries I have seen in nearly 30 years of representing injured people. During National Burn Awareness Week, I was thinking about burn victims, and how injuries like this could be prevented. Car fires [...]

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5 Tips for Holiday Fire Safety and Burn Prevention

The holiday season generates an increase in serious burns, primarily because there’s more opportunity for accidental fires during winter months. 5 easy ways to avoid holiday fires 1. Check your outlets and power strips. It’s easy to overload, especially with decorative lights. If the strip feels warm, or there are any dark marks around the [...]

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