Rebuilding after a traumatic brain injury

David Grant is doing something very unusual: he’s actually talking about his traumatic brain injury.

He survived a serious bicycle accident in 2010, but was left with a brain injury.

David's Traumatic Brain Injury Blog provides real insight into surviving TBI
David’s Traumatic Brain Injury Blog provides real insight into surviving TBI


David explains the challenges of TBI in frank and honest way.



He describes his personal struggles to accept his disability, and to live a different life than he had planned. He writes of his routine, of “bad brain days,” of friends he lost, and family challenges.

He talks about educating other people – even medical professionals – on TBI, and how there are times when he can’t bring himself to explain it yet again.

 “There is still a very real social stigma attached to having a traumatic brain injury.”

I have known people with TBIs. I have represented a number in nearly thirty years of practicing law.

Many TBI survivors don’t speak openly about their injury: too often, people don’t have the slightest idea what a brain injury entails. And those who do often react with pity instead of empathy.

I commend David Grant for sharing his story, and giving a voice to the silent survivors.

Check out David Traumatic Brain Injury blog. 


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