Some of the saddest cases we see are those in which there is just not enough car insurance to pay medical bills and adequately compensate someone who’s been seriously hurt in a crash.

Recently, Coluccio Law represented a young man who was riding in his co-worker’s car when the vehicle flipped. His arm was trapped under the side of the car, and he sustained serious injuries to his arm that nearly resulted in amputation.

We were able to assist him in a personal injury claim resulting in the payment of full insurance policy limits. But, in this case—like others we have seen—there just wasn’t enough insurance to cover his medical, and damages and losses.

Washington State only requires minimum liability insurance of $25,000 per crash. The medical bills, damages and losses from this crash would have exceeded even a $100,000 liability insurance policy.

In a very similar case several years ago, we were able to secure a significantly larger settlement for our client, simply because there was significant insurance