Fatal Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Car accidents often result in major injuries. The impact of a crash and torque on the body can lead to long-term disability aside from the immediate bodily damage that you are faced with. It’s not a great fact, but it is one nonetheless – car accidents, quite often, can be fatal.

Every year, hospitals are seeing more and more fatalities from car accidents. But it’s the physical and psychological injuries and issues that can send individuals’ medical bills to an unfathomable figure. There is a multitude of injury types concerned with car accidents, so we’ll go through some of the most common injuries and explain how they affect the person that has sustained them:

  • Head Injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Internal Injuries
  • Psychological Injuries
  • Other notable Injuries

most common injuries sustained in car accidents

Head Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)/Concussions

Car accidents are at the top of the list behind all TBI cases and are experienced when your head has taken a massive knock or endured a piercing injury. In both these instances, the brain suffers damage. In emergency cases, the patient should be stabilized and closely monitored to ensure the brain is receiving enough oxygen.

In addition, minor brain injuries are often referred to as concussions.  These types of brain injuries can be caused by a sharp strike or blow to the head, and if this occurs during a serious car accident, you will likely suffer a concussion. A serious concussion can often lead to nausea and even a loss of consciousness. With that said, there isn’t much you can do to treat a concussion, but simply relax, avoid electronic screens and wait until you recover.

Soft Tissue Injuries

This is the most common injury and 99% of the time present in car accident victims. These injuries range from sprains and bruising to damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ice packs, rest, and painkillers go a long way to help ease the symptoms over time with soft tissue injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries And Paralysis

Also known as SCI, Spinal Cord Injury is exactly what it says! It damages the spinal cord. These types of injuries are extremely common in car accidents. Should a person experience a traumatic blow to the spine, they will likely suffer from fractures or dislocated vertebrae. In severe cases, even paralysis.

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In a car accident, bruising is always expected in some form. Whether it’s minor or serious, it can lead to damage to the tissue, organs, and even muscles. Proper care should be taken to heal.

Neck Injuries And Whiplash

Upon collision between two cars, your head will automatically snap in a whipping motion in the direction opposite to the impact. Whiplash can result in damaged neck muscles, tendons, and soft tissue. In severe cases, the recovery period is prolonged and a neck brace would be required for healing.

Internal Injuries

Fractures And Broken Bones

Our bodies are not equipped to deal with traumatic force, and it’s for this reason that fractures and broken bones have made this list of injuries in car collisions. There is some flexibility in our bone structure for minor force, but when it’s great, your bones, unfortunately, can break.

Knee Injuries

Knees are quite delicate due to their cartilaginous ligament makeup. Add to that, they are in a vulnerable position when seated in a car. Therefore, if our knees were to smash any part of the vehicle – tears, twists, and other injuries will occur.

Mental and Emotional Injuries

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Aside from the physical pain, being involved in a serious car accident can leave you feeling emotionally traumatized. PTSD can fuel anxiety and irrational behavior. In cases such as these, a trauma therapist would be recommended to help you recover mentally from the accident.

Other Injuries


Burn injuries are typically the most painful and traumatic injuries in a car accident. Though they are only ever experienced should the accident result in heat from flames if the car were to catch on fire after a crash.

Disfiguring Facial Injuries And Scars

Regardless of the injury, once everything is healed, we are often left with visible reminders in the form of a disfiguring scar, facial injury, or alike. Reconstructive surgery is the go-to treatment to help patients feel confident in their appearance.

Limb Loss And Amputation

Losing a limb is a serious injury and in car accidents, it is commonly known as a “traumatic amputation.” When an accident is harsh enough, it often severs a body part. Depending on how badly the limb is affected, it can be reattached, but if not then it would require surgical removal.

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