Benji is a professional chef, and he is passionate about his calling. He and his wife worked hard to purchase a piece of property outside of Longview, Washington. They were making plans to build a there home for themselves and their young son.

In an instant, everything changed.

Surviving a log truck collision

On a rainy summer afternoon, Benji was driving out to inspect his property.

A logging truck driver was at a stop sign on Abernathy Creek road. He started to turn left onto State Route 4, and then stopped about several feet into the west-bound lane—right in front of Benji’s car.

As the truck started to turn and stop in front of him, Benji tried to avoid the log truck collision. But he was unable to get around the massive truck’s trailer. His vehicle slid underneath the trailer, beneath 90,000 pounds of logs.

Benji recalls feeling like there was an explosion, and seeing bright lights as his car collided with the trailer. The roof collapsed onto his head. He was pinned in his vehicle, which was crushed down to the windowsills.

He was trapped there for more than an hour and twenty minutes.