Why we “Walk for Water” in Seattle

Did you think about water this morning?


You drank a glass of water, and used a clean, safe toilet.

You washed your hands. You made coffee, and started the dishwasher.

You worked out, and tossed your gym clothes in the washing machine.

You had a hot shower.

It’s easy to forget that nearly a billion humans don’t have regular access to clean water and sanitation.

The lack of clean water is a global health crisis, with a disparate impact on children.

Coluccio_Law_Water1st_carry5_signEvery day, 200 million women and girls carry every drop of water their families use.

It keeps women from generating income.

It keeps girls from attending school.

It perpetuates a cycle of dire poverty.

And chances are, that water isn’t even safe to drink.


Carry5 Walk for Water in Seattle

This year, more than 750 volunteers came out to carry up to 5 gallons of water for 5 kilometers, in support of those who have to do so every day.

5 gallons of water weighs about 40 lbs.


The Walk for Water raised $215,000.

That’s enough to provide 2,900 people with clean, accessible water.


Why Coluccio Law supports Water1st

Worldwide, up to 50% of clean water projects fail within the first 5 years.

Since 2005, Water1st has completed 2,051 projects.

Not one has failed.

Coluccio Law sponsored Seattle's Bike for Water event
Coluccio Law sponsors the annual Bike for Water event in Seattle

My family has been involved with Water1st projects for years. When I started my own law firm, I knew we wanted to support projects that contribute to health and safety.

But I also respect how Water1st focuses on sustainable, comprehensive clean water solutions.

They focus on building and maintaining relationships in communities in Bangladesh, India, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Mozambique.


That’s why their projects work.

And why we’re proud to support Water1st International.


Can you join us?

Water1st has upcoming events in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon; they also have programs for school and youth groups. Learn more: water1st.org/get-involved/


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