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Handling trucking crash cases has been a part of my law practice for nearly 30 years—basically since I began the practice of law. Tractor-trailer combinations, as well as other big rigs, can be extremely dangerous while traveling on our public roadways and highways.

Handling truck wreck cases requires knowledge of the laws that apply to motor carriers and their drivers, and to the standards of care required.

My goals include making and keeping our communities safe, and holding those who fail to fulfill the safety standards accountable.

In 2008, there were over 4,000 deaths and approximately 90,000 injuries from crashes involving 18-wheelers.

Since then, it’s gotten worse. The unsafe driving practices of truckers and dangerous practices of motor carriers are the direct cause of thousands of fatalities and serious injuries.

“Truck accidents” are rarely accidental. They are the result of a lack of caution and care, and a lack of training. In future blog entries, I will set forth, with more specifics the various causes of truck accidents.


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– Attorney Kevin Coluccio

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