Keeping them safe: a note on teen drivers

As I watch my teenage son and his friends learn the skills of safe driving and the rules of the road, I embrace their growth into adulthood, but, I also experience fears and concerns for their safety.

The number of teenagers involved in deadly car crashes in the United States is rising for the first time in nearly a decade. New data shows a 10% increase in fatalities over the previous year.

While distracted driving is a major cause of teenage driver crashes, speeding remains one of the top mistakes teens make behind the wheel. Of the nearly 14, 000 fatal crashes involving teen drivers over the last 5 years, more than 4,200 involved speed.

Speed truly kills. Teens and young drivers seem to express their power and control with excess speed, but the fact is that speed causes many fatal mistakes. Those mistakes that can’t be taken back, or erased.

In my 30 years of representing those injured or killed by car crashes, I have seen so many tragedies result from speeding or driving too fast for the road or weather conditions.

This week is dedicated to teen driving safety. Remind your teen to drive within or below the speed limit.

Get there safe!

– Kevin Coluccio

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