There’s a 10% chance your car has been recalled – the fastest way to check

Just this year, about one out of every 10 cars on the road in the U.S. has been recalled.

General Motors alone has recalled more than 14 million cars in 2014.

That’s more than the number of GM cars sold in 2013, and accounts for 50% of this year’s recalls. Ford and Toyota have also called in millions of passenger cars and trucks.

Check for recalls on your vehicle here:

Seattle Car Accident Injury Attorney Vehicle Recall Information
NHTSA Vehicle Recall Information


The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration keeps a database of safety issues for vehicles, child restraints, and tires.



All vehicle owners should be notified.

While the recall issues range from extremely serious—like the GM ignition switch failure that’s killed dozens—to fairly minor, the recent spate of recalls means that some owners don’t know the status of their vehicle.

While automaker is required to send a letter to the registered owner, many don’t receive it, or don’t realize that the manufacturers must pay for the fix.

Check for the status of your vehicle periodically – it could save your life.

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