One thing you can do to help after Aurora Bridge crash in Seattle

You have probably seen the heartbreaking images from today’s crash between a charter bus and a Ride the Ducks vehicle on the Aurora Avenue Bridge.

Many people are saddened by this tragedy. But if you live in Seattle, there is one thing you can actually do to help, right now.

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Donate blood for the Aurora Bridge crash victims.

Bloodworks Northwest, formerly the Puget Sound Blood Center, has an urgent need to fill additional hospital orders for the Aurora Bridge crash victims.

Schedule your appointment online at, or call 1-800-398-7888

Tweet for help after Aurora Avenue Bridge Crash Seattle
Follow @BloodworksNW on Twitter for an update on blood drives for crash victims







This section of the Aurora Avenue Bride – and much of Aurora Avenue in general – has long been one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the entire city of Seattle. There are far too many car accidents crashes, compared to similar streets. Drivers often exceed the (already high) speed limit, and there are serious concerns about street design, lane reductions and merging.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased, and the injured victims.

Another problem on Aurora Avenue? A lack of safe pedestrian crossings.

What you need to know about our pedestrian traffic laws


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