Justice Achieved for Family after Semi Truck Crash

Trucking Accident Lawyers encounter various semi-truck crash scenarios and this one was no different. Romeo (the plaintiff’s family member) had sustained fatal injuries after a semi-truck crash. Regardless of adequate evidence, Romeo’s family was denied by many law firms and the investigating officers did not support their claims. Truck accident stats prove, that in many cases, victims are not adequately compensated. Coluccio Law decided that Romeo’s family, in fact, had a strong case.

Key Findings in the Semi Truck Crash

Since the claims made no sense at all, Coluccio Law investigated matters further. They were able to locate an eyewitness after three years, which was crucial to the outcome of this case. Since her account of events and the findings of Coluccio Law did not match up with the claims of the investigating officers – Coluccio Law pushed the matter further! From interviewing every possible witness to reviewing truck traffic at the scene, no stone was left unturned.

Truck Crash Caused by Off-Tracking

Coluccio Law asserted that the facts were not as had been concluded.  They reviewed the movement of the trailer and the concept of “off-tracking” was explored, which means that the rear end wheels of the trailer would have cut the corner.  It was this cutting the corner that caused Romeo to be hit and suffer fatal injuries.


Coluccio Law did not assume that the law enforcement investigation was complete and accurate, to the contrary, they proved that it was wrong and were able to obtain a just resolution for Romeo’s family.

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Are looking for a lawyer for a trucking accident? At Coluccio Law, nothing gets taken for granted. Our intensive fact-finding and thorough investigation process will ensure you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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