Full Available Policy Settlement For Student As She Recovers From Traumatic Brain Injury

This case study is about Amy (client) who received the full available policy limits after a car crash caused her to suffer a traumatic brain injury as her case was handled by a professional traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Much of eastern Washington is rural with lots of open roadways. Semi-truck traffic is common with truck drivers traveling both across the state and down from Canada.

It was a sunny fall day when Amy was traveling home for the weekend. She was a college freshman at Washington State University. She was enjoying her first semester as a Cougar and finding success in the classroom and making many new friends.

Traumatic Brain Injury Caused by Semi-Truck Crash

As she was stopped to make the left turn down the roadway leading to her home, a Canadian truck driver failed to see her stopped with both her brake lights and left turn signal on. At the last moment, the truck driver saw her but was unable to stop before smashing into the rear of her car. The crash caused her to be thrown about and she hit her head on the door frame.

How Traumatic Brain Injury Can Drastically Change Lives

She was checked out at a local hospital, where no fractures were found. She complained that her head hurt and that she was a bit dazed and confused but she was sent home.

The truck driver admitted it was his fault but claimed that the crash was not that bad. Amy, as well as her parents, didn’t understand how a traumatic brain injury can change a person’s life.

While Amy appears to be fine, her parents and friends begin to see little differences in her. She was forgetful, she would tire easily and her attention and concentration were poor. Always happy and easy-going, Amy was now irritable. She tried to return to classes but she was not able to focus or complete her studies. She began to receive failing grades.

The Road To Recovery

Realizing that things were far from normal for Amy, her parents insisted that she return home and get help. She began to receive cognitive and occupational rehabilitation. She was instructed to rest and stay away from computer monitors and the television. Slowly she began to improve.

She finally was able to return to college after being away for the remainder of her freshman year. She learned to use techniques to aid her learning when she feels overwhelmed. Over time, she made a successful recovery and obtained her undergraduate degree as a Cougar.

Full Available Policy Settlement For Student

Coluccio Law is proud to have played a vital part in ensuring that Amy received all available funds as compensation for her traumatic brain injury and consequent difficulties. Have you been a victim of a traumatic brain injury caused by a car crash? Contact Coluccio Law for the best traumatic brain injury lawyer to represent you and ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve. We believe in going the extra mile and that’s exactly what we do for our clients!

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