Attorney Kevin Coluccio achieves Board Certification in Truck Accident Law

Kevin Coluccio has earned certification in “Truck Accident Law” by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. It is the first— and only—American Bar Association accreditation for Truck Accident Law in the United States.

Coluccio is one of only fifty attorneys who have earned Board Certification in this practice area.

Board Certified attorneys pass a comprehensive six hour written exam, prove that a substantial percentage of their practice is dedicated to truck crash litigations how hands-on experience in multiple truck crash cases, and submit to a background vetting process. Then, the attorneys must pass a comprehensive written exam.

Coluccio, who is also a founding member of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, has decades of experience in commercial truck crash law.

“My law practice has always been dedicated to creating real and positive change in people’s lives.

I am proud to continue my work on behalf of truck crash victims with Board Certification…”

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) has announced that Kevin Coluccio of Coluccio Law has successfully achieved Board Certification as a Truck Accident Law Advocate.

Kevin Coluccio is one of the first 50 attorneys in the United States to earn NBTA Board Certification in Truck Accident Law. Coluccio joins a growing number of a very select group of trial attorneys who have taken the time to prove competence in their practice area by earning Board Certification.

Board Certification is among the highest and most stringent honors an attorney can achieve. For Truck Accident Law, attorney applications must include: demonstration of substantial trial experience, submission of judicial and peer references to attest to their competency, attendance of continuing legal education courses, submission of legal writing documents, proof of good standing and finally, passing a comprehensive examination.

The NBTA was formed out of a strong conviction that both the law profession and its clients would benefit from an organization designed specifically to create an objective set of standards illustrating an attorney’s experience and expertise in the practice of trial law. NBTA Board Certifications are the only distinctions awarded by non-profit organizations. Only about three percent of American lawyers are Board Certified in any practice area.

“My law practice has always been dedicated to creating real and positive change in people’s lives. I am proud to continue my work on behalf of truck crash victims with Board Certification in Truck Accident Law,” Coluccio says.

For over than 30 years, Kevin Coluccio has been working to protect seriously injured people and the families of those who have died. He is licensed to practice law in Washington and Oregon. His work, including numerous commercial truck crash cases, has earned over $300 million dollars for injury and death claims.

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