This trucking company is incredibly dangerous, should be permanently closed

Last week, the FMCSA ordered trucking company Evenflo Logistics to “immediately cease all interstate and intrastate operation.”

A separate “imminent hazard” order was issued to the trucking company’s driver, Shawn Roberts.

Evenflo Logistics registered as an LLC in Washington State in October 2016. The sheer number of extremely dangerous practices since then is shocking.

1o violations of Hours of Service laws

Evenflo Logistics is a company with two trucks, two tractor-trailers, and one driver.

In 12 roadside inspections, the driver was in violation of HOS laws ten times.




Why safe truckers are no accident




5 truck driver BASIC violations

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to be properly trained, licensed, and physically and medically qualified.

BASIC scores are not currently available to the public, so we can’t know exactly what factored into the calculations. But five violations for one trucker, in one year, seems extremely unusual.

Either this trucker was seriously unfit, or seriously unqualified—or possibly both.

4 separate truck crashes

All four crashes occurred in 2017.

Four crashes in one year would be lot for a large fleet. For a one-truck operation, it indicates outrageously dangerous driving.

2 states with criminal charges pending

Roberts is facing drug-related criminal charges in Arizona and Wyoming.

He was cited for:

  • Being on-duty while under the influence of a narcotic drug/amphetamine; and
  • Being in possession of an intoxicating beverage while on-duty or driving.

This isn’t just a driver violation: the company is responsible for it, too. Commercial motor carriers are supposed to drug-test their drivers.

You can see why.

2 violations of a stop order

Washington State ordered Evenflo Logistics to cease operations on October 10, 2017.

The company was caught violating that order – twice.

1 child driving an Evenflo Logistics truck

Earlier this year, the company’s lone driver posted a photo on Facebook of a 12-year-old driving the semi-truck.

The post was removed from Facebook, but the picture was widely shared on trucker’s forums. (We are not sharing the link because of the minor involved).

Many truckers and motor carriers work hard to transport loads safely, within the rules of law. Some trucking companies—like Evenflo Logistics—put us all in danger.


See the full FMCSA press release.


Note: Some news reports have named the trucking company as “Even Flo Logistics.” However, the Washington State business registry lists the company as Evenflo Logistics LLC. 


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We know trucking is important.

Now make it safer.

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  1. Looking at a snap shot of violations does not indicate unsafe driving. It indicates a violation of a law. I received an out of service violation for 15 minutes over on my logbook. I slept 6 hours prior to moving the truck to nearest truckstop and got caught in that 15 minutes. There was nothing unsafe about me driving my truck because I just slept 6 hours. But it was a violation.

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