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Debbie, a wrongful death client

Sommer v. MetroMetals NW

(February 2016) A high school student was returning home from cross-country running practice when his car was rear-ended by a fully loaded semi-truck.

His car was pushed into the oncoming lane, where it was struck by another vehicle and caught fire. The student suffered serious burns on his head, neck and hands.

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3 (possible) reasons school buses don’t have seat belts

Posted in Child Safety on February 13 2017

A school bus in Chattanooga, Tennessee, slammed into a tree last November. Six elementary school students died. And across the U.S., everyone asked: Why don’t school buses have seat belts? Now, 18 states—including Washington—are considering laws requiring schools to add safety belts to their buses. In Washington, a proposed bill would mandate that all new school buses have a […]

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Lawmakers searching for practical solution to distracted driving

Posted in Legal Issues on January 24 2017

Distracted driving is a serious issue on the roadways of Washington, as well as across our country. There are basically 3 forms of distracted driving: visual, cognitive, and manual. Visual distraction occurs when the driver is looking at anything except the road, i.e. their cellphone. Cognitive distraction is when the driver’s mind isn’t on the […]

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The Truth About the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit (video)

Posted in Legal Issues on December 29 2016

It’s one of the most famous lawsuits in the country. A woman spills coffee on herself, and files a lawsuit against McDonalds because the coffee was hot. She wins a million dollars, and becomes the poster child of “frivolous lawsuits”. What if everything you’ve heard about the hot coffee lawsuit is wrong? In this 5-minute video, […]

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