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A serious crash can change your life - but no car, bike or motorcycle accident is really an "accident."

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Dealing with a serious injury or the death of a loved one is very difficult and emotional. See if Coluccio Law can help you through your transition.

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Do you know what to do if someone you love has been hurt or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility?

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Coluccio’s first work as a lawyer included protecting the rights of seamen and their families by handling maritime claims. He has also been representing railroad workers since the beginning of his legal career over 25 years ago.

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Coluccio is an experienced trucking attorney, well-known in state and federal courts across the Pacific Northwest.

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Sommer v. MetroMetals NW

(February 2016) A high school student was returning home from cross-country running practice when his car was rear-ended by a fully loaded semi-truck.

His car was pushed into the oncoming lane, where it was struck by another vehicle and caught fire. The student suffered serious burns on his head, neck and hands.

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A Quick Guide to Your Post-Crash Car Insurance Benefits

Posted in Insurance Companies on August 20 2016

Even if you were not at fault, most people involved in serious crashes find that they need to access their own car insurance coverage. In your auto insurance policy, look for the “Policy Declarations” page. This is a summary of your policy, including: Policy number and dates; Types of coverage; Deductibles; and Policy coverage amounts. […]

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How to deal with insurance companies after a car crash

Posted in Insurance Companies on August 5 2016

Managing insurance claims after a car crash can feel overwhelming. There are a few simple things you can do to help make the insurance claims process easier. How to Organize your Information Depending on the number of vehicles and people involved in the crash, there may be multiple insurance companies and adjusters involved. Claims can […]

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How to conduct a good investigation: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Checklist

Posted in Editorial on January 26 2016

As a plaintiff’s lawyer, I am often retained to help injured people and their families long after the harm has occurred. Most people—rightfully—focus on medical care, recovery and grieving. On the defendant’s side, insurance companies know about a serious crash or injury incident almost immediately. They have investigators, experts and lawyers on retainer. Their team […]

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