"Kevin is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, he is compassionate...I highly recommend Kevin, and I am grateful that he has represented our family."
Debbie, a wrongful death client

Sommer v. MetroMetals NW

(February 2016) A high school student was returning home from cross-country running practice when his car was rear-ended by a fully loaded semi-truck.

His car was pushed into the oncoming lane, where it was struck by another vehicle and caught fire. The student suffered serious burns on his head, neck and hands.

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The Truth About the McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit (video)

Posted in Legal Issues on December 29 2016

It’s one of the most famous lawsuits in the country. A woman spills coffee on herself, and files a lawsuit against McDonalds because the coffee was hot. She wins a million dollars, and becomes the poster child of “frivolous lawsuits”. What if everything you’ve heard about the hot coffee lawsuit is wrong? In this 5-minute video, […]

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The Tragedy of Suicide, and the Courage to Make a Difference

Posted in Survivor Stories on December 8 2016

In a motel on Seattle’s Aurora Avenue in the dark days of winter, Matt sat alone and took his own life. He was 40 years old, a senior partner in a prestigious national law firm, a husband and the father of two young children. Across the state, in the rural town of Packwood, it was […]

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Being thankful for the invisible forces of safety

Posted in Editorial on November 23 2016

This morning, you got behind the wheel. You checked traffic, and revised your route. You dropped the kids off at school, and navigated your way to work. This afternoon, you’ll do the same thing in reverse. The things that didn’t happen … You didn’t trip and fall on broken sidewalk. Your car didn’t get hit […]

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