5 quick tips for preventing a winter weather crash

Snow, freezing rain, and high winds are in the forecast for western Washington State this week. While that shouldn't come as a surprise - it's standard winter weather for most of the Pacific Northwest - there are always too many drivers who are caught off guard. The result is often a slew of predictable, often [...]

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How did a Seattle cabbie steal a $164,000 from an elderly woman – with state investigators watching?

Last week, King County prosecutors filed charges against 56-year-old David G. Money for stealing from an elderly nursing home patient. The two met when Mr. Money picked her up as a fare a few years ago. Since then, the woman has written $164,000 in checks to Mr. Money, and another $90,000 in suspicious checks to [...]

Here’s what you need to know about car insurance coverage in Washington State

Do you actually understand your car insurance coverage? In my years as a lawyer, I’ve met a lot of smart people who don’t know anything about the insurance policy they spend hundreds of dollars on every month. Here’s a quick-and-easy guide to insurance coverage in the state of Washington. Liability coverage What it does: Pays [...]