Refresher course in winter crash prevention for Washington drivers

Snow is falling in the Washington mountain passes. The seasonal changes in the Pacific Northwest always seem to result in a terrible series of crashes as drivers re-learn winter weather driving.

While you should always be careful behind the wheel of a car, additional measures are necessary for winter crash prevention.

Winter crash prevention

  1. Check the weather conditions before you go. Twitter is a great place to get local weather and traffic conditions.
  2. Clean all of the snow, ice and debris off your car – every time.
  3. Drive slowly. You are not in a race.
  4. Use low gears on hills.
  5. Brake before you start to turn. A spinout is an easy winter crash to avoid.
  6. Increase your stopping distance.
  7. Be mindful of black ice, which is common on roads and bridges in winter months.
  8. Remember your skid and slide recovery:
    • Take your foot off the pedal;
    • Steer gently;
    • As the vehicle regains traction, lightly tap the brakes or accelerator.


Never drive distracted. Remember your life and the life of those around you is dependent upon your concentration. We want all of you to be safe this winter.



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