Pursuing excellence as a trucking lawyer

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”

– Albert Einstein

I’ve been a trucking lawyer for 30 years. I’ve represented hundreds of people who’ve been seriously injured, or lost a family member, because of someone else’s bad actions.

And I’m still learning, and growing my skills as a trial lawyer.

A significant area of my law practice involves trucking crashes. (Although some refer to these as “accidents,” we know that most crashes are predictable, preventable collisions—not “accidents”.)

Learning with Trucking Lawyer Master Class

Recently, I attended Rodney Jew’s Trucking Master Class. The program was presented over three intense days. The attendees were 35 very experienced attorneys, all of whom have handled complex trucking crash cases.

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Even the most experienced trucking lawyer can still learn new trial skills

The program’s focus was on trucking, but the theme was made clear at opening introductions: presenting skills and learning for the pursuit of constant improvement and sustained excellence.

I have attended several programs in the past. Each time I attend one of these programs, it reinforces the importance of three elements of trial preparation.

  • A focused work-up: in putting together a client’s case, clearly identifying and focusing on the issues requires a good deal of time up-front.
  • Concentration of the issues and actions that caused a crash, which is often very difficult for lawyers without experience in trucking law.
  • A limited presentation of the facts, evidence and issues that really matter—and that a jury really wants to hear. Lawyers feel the need to “pile it on,” when jurors simply want to know what is important and relevant.

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

With our clients’ cases, we need to take this to heart.

Get to the root cause of why the crash happened, and the actions of the trucker and the trucking company. It is this approach that will be most effective, in most trucking cases.

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I look forward to the constant learning and growth provided by Master Classes, and ongoing work outside of the classroom.


This post originally appeared on Kevin Coluccio’s LinkedIn profile. 


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