“The test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.”
- Pearl S. Buck

Seattle Bicycle Crash Lawyer

The cycling community in the Pacific Northwest is strong. But, even in bike-friendly Seattle, cyclists are at risk.

Bike Accident Attorney in Seattle

It’s a bicycle crash—not a bicycle “accident”

An accident is not predictable, and not preventable.

Most collisions between motor vehicles and bikes are not “accidents.”

They are predictable and preventable crashes caused by drivers who:

  • Ignore bike lanes;
  • Don’t maintain proper distance;
  • Don’t share the road with bicyclists;
  • Disobey road signs;
  • Turn in front of bicycles; or
  • Are distracted or impaired.

Other crashes are the result of poor street design. Many bicycle lanes—and pedestrian routes—are afterthoughts. Bike lanes get tangled in confusing intersections, or end abruptly on busy streets.

Cyclists have a much higher risk of serious or fatal injury from a crash.

Cyclists are far more exposed than drivers.

Broken limbs, back and spine injuries are common for bike crash victims. Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of bicycle fatalities.

Often, a serious injury means a bicyclist needs immediate medical care. The injured cyclist may not have a chance to provide facts about the collision to the police.

The police get the motorist’s version; and blame is often unjustly placed on the cyclist.

Collision facts, evidence and witnesses must be documented as soon as possible.

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Featured Bike Crash Case Results

John Doe v. University of Washington
$115,000 Settlement

A student athlete was riding his bike to practice. A University of Washington van driver failed to see him, and turned left in front of him. The athlete suffered soft tissue injuries and a concussion.

This is a common cause of bicycle collisions. Drivers focus on looking for cars, and fail to see cyclists who are right in front of them.

In this case, the young athlete successfully recovered. He was able to return to his sport where he rose to become the top performer on his team.