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For more than 30 years, personal injury lawyer Kevin Coluccio has been working to protect seriously injured people and the families of those who have died.

His work has earned over $300 million dollars for injury and death claims.

Coluccio Law is dedicated to creating real and positive change in people’s lives.

The law firm takes on a limited number of cases in order to offer high-quality, personalized legal service — and get the best possible result for each client.

During the coronavirus shutdown in Seattle, we are offering free consultations for personal injury cases by email, messaging, or phone.

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A message to our clients:

Please know that Coluccio Law is fully operational, accessible and able to provide the quality of legal representation that we have delivered for over 30 years. Be safe and be well.

Attorney Kevin Coluccio

GarrettUnderland-Personal Injury Lawyer Coluccio

A young life cut short

Garrett should be in his senior year of high school. He should be thinking about college, and excited about his future.

On a warm and sunny Labor Day, his young life was cut short in the most brutal way.

White Before Crash-Personal Injury Lawyer Coluccio

Life after a crash

Those who witnessed the motorcycle crash thought John was dead.

Compared to death, even a serious permanent injury seems a good outcome…unless it happens to you.


A tragic loss in Seattle

It was a typical early-morning workday for Adriana, a skilled personal trainer.

When she said good-bye to her husband and children that morning, none of them could have known it would be the last time.

Young-before-Car Accident-Washington State

A hidden brain injury

He remembers looking into the rearview mirror, and seeing a car coming fast behind him. He remembers that the driver wasn’t looking forward.

But there was nothing Anthony could do to stop what was coming

Expert badge Truck Accident Lawyer Seattle

AVVO top Attorney-Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin Coluccio

Washington Top 10 SuperLawyers-Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer


Washington State WSAJ Attorneys 2020 Lolgo

$7 Million

Sommer v. MetroMetals NW

A high school student was returning home from cross-country running practice when his car was rear-ended by a fully loaded semi-truck.

His car was pushed into the oncoming lane, where it was struck by another vehicle and caught fire. The student suffered serious burns on his head, neck and hands.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you’ve been hurt, or a family member has died, because of someone else’ negligent or bad actions, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer.

Sometimes, injury claims can be quickly and fairly resolved with insurance adjusters … but remember, they are working for the insurance company — not for you.

A contingency fee means a lawyer only earns a fee by successfully resolving your case. 

Personal injury lawyers usually take a percentage of the total amount of money you get at the end of the case. This means that lawyers have financial incentive to help you get the case done as successfully as possible.

It also means that we incur the risks of litigation: if we aren’t successful in your claim, we don’t get paid an attorney fee.

There is no one single answer, because it depends on a lot of factors: severity of injuries and future medical treatment, access to insurance policies, and other complications.

Some cases can be concluded quickly, but others take several years.

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