Logging Trucks

  Logging trucks traveling on our highways and public roadways are a common site in the Pacific Northwest.  They are generally traveling with a full load of logs.  A fully loaded logging truck must be operated by a skilled and trained driver. Defensive driving practices must be used and road and weather conditions must be observed and considered.  All too often, logging truck drivers speed along without regard to necessary safety conditions.  We have all seen trucks following too close and not using proper following distances. Truck and trailer maintenance is also critical. Logging trucks take a pounding when they travel off-road for loading and off loading. The weight that these trucks carry causes fatigue and wear and tear on

Unsafe Loads

Each day motorists share our public roadways with dangerously overloaded trucks and trucks that do not have properly secured loads.  The dangers these trucks present are numerous. The dangers include: Truck loads falling into the roadways or onto vehicles; Trucks and trailers tipping over; Truck drivers losing control of their vehicle; Truckers unable to stop within safe distances; Brake failure; Steering failure; or even Tire Bursts. Drive safely and keep a careful watch out for dangerous trucks.  Report trucks that are overloaded or whose loads are not properly secured. Be a trucking watchdog.    


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