How marijuana laws have changed – but not for truck drivers

Laws in several states permit the sale and use of recreational marijuana. In another 31 states and Washington D.C., laws allow for medical marijuana. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado—the first states to legalize recreational marijuana—have had a 5.2% overall increase in crashes, according to an IIHS study. We are only beginning to understand the effect that marijuana [...]

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Lowering the CDL age is not the answer to truck driver shortage

It is undisputed: there is a commercial truck driver shortage across the U.S. The Trump administration is pushing forward on a pilot program that would allow people as young as 18 years old to drive commercial trucks. The pilot program will train young people with military experience; it is laying the groundwork for lowering the minimum [...]

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Trump administration just shelved these trucking safety rules

At least a dozen significant pending safety rules have just been shelved by the US Department of Transportation. Here are the nixed regulations that would have applied to trucking safety. Speed limiters There is a direct correlation between stopping distances and rate of speed. Small increases in speed have large effects on the force of [...]

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Trump on Trucking: Week One

In his first week in office, President Trump issued orders to executive agencies that affect trucking safety. Here's what we know, so far. President Trump on Trucking Safety: Week 1 Shortly after his inauguration, President Trump issued an executive order freezing all pending federal regulations now in process. Any regulation signed by President Obama in his final [...]

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How simple truck side guards could save thousands of lives

Most city streets, with tight intersections and multiple stoplights, were not designed to accommodate tractor-trailer trucks alongside pedestrians and bicyclists. Large trucks have a high, wide gap between the truck's front and rear tires. This dangerous space is where 50% of the deaths from truck and bicycle collisions occur. A truck side guard is a [...]

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This crash shows you exactly why trucking companies are supposed to do safety inspections

A quick lesson in trucking law: maintenance duty You probably know that specific laws and regulations apply to all commercial trucks that use our public highways.* One of those rules: every trucking company must have a regular truck maintenance program to keep its equipment in safe operating condition. As a back-up, the truck driver must [...]

Senator’s Truck Safety Act calls for hourly pay, insurance fix

Late on Friday, Senator Cory Booker introduced The Truck Safety Act (S. 1739). The bill would update Reagan-era insurance minimums; pay truckers for their time instead of their mileage; and, make commercial trucks use some of the same safety technology as passenger cars. Fixing the minimum amount of insurance for trucks The minimum amount of [...]

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