The Quiet Reality of a TBI

Jerry credits his smashed bike helmet with saving his life. He describes waking up in an ambulance, and spending a day in the ER. But it was a full nine months after his bike crash that Jerry was finally diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Jerry, a long-time cyclist, describes how his physical injuries masked his brain injury. Little by little, his reality completely changed. Serious brain injuries are not always obvious. Jerry’s story is a peek into the reality of a TBI.     There is an old saying:  no surgery is minor if it is happening to YOU. The same is true for mild traumatic brain injuries. Understanding mild traumatic brain injuries   

The best child brain injury advice I’ve ever heard

As a trial lawyer, I have had the privilege of meeting incredible doctors who specialize in child brain injury. This is the best brain injury advice I’ve ever heard.  Preventing child brain injury is why kids wear bike helmets, why playgrounds aren’t built on concrete anymore, and why there are strict rules in kids sports. Every parent knows that they can’t prevent every bump to their child’s head. And we know a bump to the head and a brain injury are not necessarily the same thing. A superficial wound or bump to the head can be no fun for a child, but a brain injury is much more serious. Years ago, I read op-ed by a neurosurgeon who specializes in concussion therapy and spine surgery; one


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