“The test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.”
- Pearl S. Buck

Seattle Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Most motorcycle crashes are not “accidents.”

An accident is predictable, and preventable.

Drivers who just don’t see motorcycles cause many collisions between motorcycles and cars.

Inattentive drivers:

  • Turn left in front of motorcycles at intersections;
  • Don’t brake in time to prevent a crash;
  • Don’t make the necessary effort to see motorcycles;
  • Merge into traffic lanes without looking, and
  • Ignore the right-of-way for bikes.

These motorcycle crashes are both predictable, and preventable.

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Bikers are much more vulnerable than drivers protected in cars or trucks.

A collision that might be a minor fender-bender between two big trucks is much more dangerous between a truck and a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists are also at greater risk from:

  • Defective bike parts:
  • Bad bike repairs; and
  • Poorly maintained roads.

Bad parts and improper repairs can expose a biker to grave danger. A pothole that might cause a flat tire for a car can send a motorcycle spinning off the road.

Victims of motorcycle crashes need immediate medical attention.

Even if there are no apparent injuries, motorcyclists must see a doctor after a crash. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are often not initially apparent. Post-crash adrenaline can mask broken bones.

It is your right to consult with an attorney.

The public has an unfair bias against motorcycles.

Insurance companies use that bias to their advantage. Insurance adjusters automatically blame the motorcyclist—even when the other driver admits fault.

The result: most motorcycle injury claims are complicated with questions about liability.

It is crucial to gather evidence quickly, while witness memories are fresh, and the crash scene is preserved.

Talking to an attorney as soon as possible can help protect your rights. An attorney can work with the police and private investigators to determine the causes of the crash.

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Featured Motorcycle Crash Case

Estate of Doe v. Trucking Company
$3.7 million resolution

It was a clear, dry afternoon in Washington. “John Doe” was on-call at his job. He had used his free time to get in a workout at his gym.

As he was riding his motorcycle home, a truck suddenly turned in front of him.

John couldn’t avoid the truck’s trailer immediately in front of him. His motorcycle crashed into it.

The truck driver hadn’t seen John, or his motorcycle. The truck driver only stopped when he saw flames coming from his trailer.

The crash between the motorcycle and the enormous truck caused fatal injuries to the John Doe.

The trucker attempted to blame the biker. He claimed Doe—whom he had not seen—was going too fast, and should have somehow avoided the truck’s trailer.

The surviving family contacted attorney Kevin Coluccio. He conducted a detailed investigation. Working with experts, the legal team found facts and evidence disputing the truck driver’s claim.

John Doe left a loving wife and two teenage children. Ultimately, Coluccio resolved the motorcycle crash wrongful death claim for Doe’s family.