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3 things you can do to avoid a Thanksgiving car crash

The weekend around Thanksgiving unfortunately sees lots of fatal and serious-injury crashes. The uptick can probably be attributed to several factors, including increased traffic, bad driving weather, and time of travel - along with the usual suspects of speeding, distracted driving, and impaired or drunk driving. This year, AAA predicts that Thanksgiving weekend will see [...]

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Our comments on the Washington Trucking Associations petition

The Washington Trucking Associations, Inc. has petitioned for a ruling to preempt our state's longstanding employment law as it pertains to meal and rest break rules for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Petition for Determination of Preemption: Washington Meal and Rest Break Rules for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers  The purpose behind the rule is to protect [...]

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Lawyer Kevin Coluccio honored by Seattle non-profit Water1st

On November 1, non-profit Water1st International hosted their annual Give Water Give Life gala at the Fremont Studios in Seattle. Coluccio Law attorney Kevin Coluccio, and his wife Margie Duckstad, were honored as Water1st Ambassadors of the Year for 2019.  Kevin Coluccio and Margie Duckstad, Water1st Ambassadors for 2019. The annual Give Water Give [...]

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Pacific Northwest drivers must do better in the rain

Traffic crashes increase during the rainy season. Why are Pacific Northwest drivers bad at driving in the rain? Nearly every time precipitation hits, whether its a drizzle or a deluge, there seem to be traffic catastrophes all over the place. Wet roads present different challenges for drivers, especially the first rain after a dry period of weather. [...]

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What to expect in a brain injury lawsuit

The majority of clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) I have worked with in the past 30 years have suffered injuries in truck crashes or motor vehicle collisions. These types of cases are similar in that there are all torts, or personal injury claims. That means another person, or a company, did or did not [...]

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A letter to my fellow Seattle drivers

Dear Seattle drivers, I want to have an honest talk with you. It was recently reported in the Seattle Times Traffic Lab that 101 people were seriously injured or killed in 98 collisions on Seattle streets in the first 6 months of the year. That is the highest number in the first six months of [...]

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